What is Residential Structural Engineering in Denver, CO?

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There are many structural engineering companies in Denver that do not provide home services. For those that do offer residential structural engineering services, it is important to understand the residential market and the homeowner. The majority of the work they do for private customers begins with an onsite engineering examination. Licensed structural engineers inspect the property, evaluate the areas of concern, and determine the severity of the structural issues in question.

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Following a site inspection, structural engineers write a structural engineering report that summarizes onsite observations, identifies likely sources of the structural issue, and makes suggestions for correcting any structural deficiencies detected.

Structural Engineer Inspections

In many circumstances, they are hired to assess a possible problem discovered during a house inspection. The homeowner is most likely selling their home in this case. A structural engineering inspection is sometimes necessary after a normal house inspection. If this is the case, the home inspector will add this advice in his or her report. House inspectors are not trained to evaluate and diagnose structural issues. Only a professional structural engineer can help a home buyer or seller with reliable assessments and solutions.

Structural Remodeling

A structural engineering consultation is required if you want to renovate your house that includes tearing through a load-bearing wall, expanding your living space through a second story renovation or extension with large rooms that have wide open spaces (no supports). You will need design and engineering for permission documentation if you are increasing your living space. Every new construction or large remodel will require a qualified, professional engineer stamp from your local building authority.

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A structural engineer may be required for complicated constructions or improvements affecting older residences constructed before 1970. Many homes built before the 1960s were built without using prescribed construction procedures. State and local building rules are now in place to guarantee that contractors and house builders adhere to a set of pre-determined requirements while constructing a home. A qualified structural engineer is the ideal specialist to evaluate the viability of any large home improvement project. A site inspection is possible to assess any structural difficulties.

New Construction Structural Design

Many individuals in Denver require residential structural engineering services while building a new home. Before contractors or architects begin developing new structures, a strong structural design is required. Structural engineering services are typically required to ensure that the house’s structure is long-lasting. It also ensures that the property structure is calculated correctly. This is critical in order to avoid future structural issues. This is why people hire engineers when they are building new homes.

It is critical to remember that interior and external finishes are meaningless if the structure is not sound. Even with a well-built structure, weathering, lack of care, ground and subsurface water movement, age, and storm events can all cause difficulties. At other instances, you may notice a slight fracture or movement and simply want to ensure that a more serious issue is not developing.

When looking for a residential structural engineer Denver residents should consider hiring an engineer with a reputable portfolio and always schedule a consultation first. If you believe your house has a structural problem, call a professional structural engineer to schedule an examination before a minor problem becomes a major one. Furthermore, if you are having a new house built, you should definitely consider having a residential structural engineer review the blueprints and conduct an on-site inspection of the structure that the contractor is working on to make sure everything is going according to plan structurally.

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