7 Important Things You Should Consider When Replacing Your Roof

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Like any other part of a building, roofs have a lifespan and will start to deteriorate after time. If it has been more than twenty years since you last changed the roof on your house, then it is time for you to replace it. If you are good with tools and have done the construction work before, you can change the roofs yourself. But there is a high probability of contacting a roofing contractor for the roof replacement as the task is quite big and requires precision. Great Lakes Building Concepts & Roofing Company of Grand Rapids is one of the best contractors that you can find to replace your roof.

7 Important Things You Should Consider When Replacing Your Roof

Before getting into roof replacement, there are 7 important things that you should consider. Let’s have a look at it.

Make Sure That Your Roof Needs Replacement

Several signs can help you determine whether or not you need to replace your roof. Before starting on the replacement work, it is better to make sure that your roof needs replacement.

  • The roof has completed 20- 25 years, which is the lifespan of roofs.
  • There are leaks in the roof and water comes through it.
  • The shingles of the roof valley are damaged.
  • You can see that the roof is sagging.
  • You are facing the problem of mold and moss.

Get stairway ladders and do a closer inspection to finalize whether your roof needs replacement or not.

Research Different Types Of Roofing Material

There is a wide variety of roofing materials that you can choose from, which can impact your roof’s durability. The most popular materials for roofs are slate and asphalt, but the technology used to make roofs has changed so much in the past few decades. Now you can get roofs made of metals and other costly materials but will last longer than the traditional roofs. The material mainly depends upon your budget, preference, and the climate that you live in. If you live in a hot and humid area, you would want to lay off the metals and stick to the concrete and clay materials.

Removing The Old Roof Or Layering

The building code states that your roof can not have more than two layers of shingles. Whether you want to remove the old layer of the roof before installing the new one or layer the new roof on top of the old one is up to you. Removing the old roof is recommended as two layers of the roofing will add stress to the walls, but it will cost money. If you are hiring a roofing contractor, then you should ask them specifically whether they will remove the old roof before layering the new one or not.

7 Important Things You Should Consider When Replacing Your Roof - replacing roof

Consider Your Options Before Hiring A Contractor

Replacing your roof is a huge task, and while someone with experience with construction and building houses may want to try the roof replacement themselves, most people choose to hire a roof replacement contractor. Before you hire a contractor, research a bit. There are a lot of contractors, and you would want the best for you. Most of the time, people only consider the cost factor while considering a contractor, but that would be a mistake as low cost only means the job done won’t be as good. Ask around in your friend and family circle for some reference and consider all your options before finalizing on a contractor.

Questions To Ask Your Contractor

Before you hire a contractor, make sure to ask some important questions. How will they dispose of the old removed roofs, and whether that will be of any trouble to you? Also, do not pay until the whole work is completed. Some contractors leave the working space messy after getting their payment. Removal of the old roof will result in many nails and old roof materials scattered around, and you don’t want the hassle of cleaning them yourself.

Important Documents That You Must Have

There are some important documents that you must have before getting the replacement work started on the roof. Get a contract from the contractor which states their terms and conditions clearly. The contract should mention the cost of the project and the materials being used. Another necessary document would be your building permit which ensures that the contractor strictly follows your building code. Also, get a letter from the insurance company of the contractor stating that your project is covered.

Take Care Of Your Living Arrangement Beforehand

Getting a new roof installed means it would be loud, and you may not want to be at home when the workers are working on the roof. The layering of a new roof needs a lot of materials, and the contractor may have the materials delivered a few times. It is better to clear the driveway so that they don’t have any trouble getting the materials. Also, removing the roofs and layering the new roofs is a time-consuming process, so you will need to plan accordingly. If the building is a commercial space, inform the employees beforehand to plan and work from home if possible. If it is your residence, you should go out to a friend’s place or rent a motel nearby. This is necessary if you have kids at home as the noise would make them restless.


Replacement of roofs is a huge investment and complicated too. You would not want to keep doing this task every few years, which is why you must get it right. There are a lot of factors involved that you need to take care of. Make sure to consider the above-mentioned factor before starting on your roof replacement project.

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