How To Replace A Fascia Board And Repair Water Damage

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You can find fascia boards installed around the edges of the roof. They are installed because they are necessary for supporting the better system of your home. But unfortunately, with times to be replaced because a lot of damage happens due to time. But the good news regarding this is that it is effortless to replace them. The process is straightforward all that you need to do is to replace the old board and fit the new one in its place. After that, you can see the seams and then painted them according to your desired color.

How To Replace A Fascia Board And Repair Water Damage

In this article, we are going to discuss how to replace a fascia board and repair water damage. So keep on reading to find out more information below about Taylor fascia.

 1. Removal Of The Old Board

The first step involves installing the board that is already installed in your gutter system. You can unscrew it by using an electric screwdriver and then locate the brackets under your gutter. This way, you will be able to lift the guitar away from the board quickly. If you work with a partner in such a situation, then the butter will not get damaged during removal.

 2. 3 Feet Cut

Now you will have to mark out 3 feet sections with your board. Make the smart by using a simple lead pencil and then make vertical cuts on the board. You can do this by cutting out three feet sections one at a time. Continue doing this until you have removed the full board.

 3. Pounding

Now keep the board in one place by using your hand and then start pounding to lose and the nails on the board. Make sure that you do not stop hitting the board until all the nails have come out from the rafters. Once you have done this, then you can pull it off. If the board has gotten to a great extent then make sure that you break as much rotting wood as you can.

 4. Sawing And Metal Cutting

Cut along the top seam of the board until you get a flat surface for the installation of a new board. Make sure that you use a blade that is used for cutting metal for this purpose.

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 5. Length Measurement

The next step is to measure the length of the roof where you want to install your board. For this purpose, you can use a measuring tape to find out the distance so that you know the size of the new board that you have to put.

 6.  Cutting

Make sure that you use a circular saw to cut the board to your desired length.

 7. Use A Miter Saw

Use a miter saw if you want to make accurate and precise cuts of 45-degree angles.

 8. Installation Of New Board

Finally, the last step is to install the new board, and you can do this by marking the locations of your after is on the edges above the fascia board. By following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to install a new fascia board without any trouble.

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