3 Steps to Pick and Choose Repairs from a Home Inspection

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If you’ve decided to sell your house, you probably want to get a real estate expert to evaluate it so that you can determine its market value. The real estate expert will use their expertise to value your property based on location, market conditions, and property condition. In some cases, your home may need a few repairs and renovations to help you maximize value when selling.

3 Steps to Pick and Choose Repairs from a Home Inspection

This guide will show you how to pick and choose repairs from a home inspection.

Identify Issues that Need Fixing in the Home

Before getting started with any repairs or renovations, it’s important you get a list of things that need to be done so you cover off all issues identified. If you’re able to fix all or most of the issues, then you may likely be able to sell the home for a better price. You will need to ensure that all repairs comply with current building codes and standards, which is why it’s important to work with reputed and licensed professionals. This ensures minimal hassles or issues with potential buyers in the future when selling a house becomes a thought down the road.

Weigh Up the Cost of the Home Against Repairs

Sometimes it’s important to consider whether the cost of repairs can be weighed up against the before and after offer price. In some cases, it might be better to offer the house, as it is to save you time. This is a popular choice for many home sellers who don’t want to take the time and trouble of undertaking making costly DIY renovations themselves.

3 Steps to Pick and Choose Repairs from a Home Inspection - home inspector

In other cases, minimum improvements like a paint job or patching holes in walls may add significantly to the home’s value, which can make a repair or renovation job worthwhile. Fix up any issues that violate codes because you don’t want to end up with any unnecessary issues later.

Establish Whether Small Updates can Produce Bigger Returns

Sometimes you don’t have to do a lot to get more value for your property. Small updates to the property could increase the overall value of your home. For example, fixing up broken grout could make your floors look clean and fresh. A fresh coat of paint could give your room an elevated finish. New carpeting can create a near-new feel to an older property. These investments may not be large, but they can give you good returns after your home is inspected and issues are identified.

When it comes to getting picking and choosing repairs for your property, it’s a good idea to get advice from the real estate expert so you can determine what is most advantageous in your case. Not all repairs may offer the same value, so you can weigh up everything and decide what works best for you in your quest to sell your home.

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