Repainting Your Interiors? Here’s How to Pick the Right Color

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Renovating your home is always a fun endeavor. Even though there are some jobs and duties that are not very entertaining, the whole experience is wonderful and rewarding. Probably one of the best parts of home renovation is repainting the interiors. Refreshing your walls is important from time to time, but a lot of people paint their interiors simply because they want to try other colors. It doesn’t matter what your motives are, if you are repainting your interiors, you should know how to do it right.

Repainting Your Interiors

One of the most important parts of painting your home is choosing the right color. Today we are going to share some tips with you on how to do this properly.

Start With The Formal Areas Of Your Home

Where to start? This is definitely one of the toughest questions most people face when repainting their interior. If the case is the same with you, don’t worry, we are here to help you. The best way to start is by painting the formal areas of your home first. To be more specific, the living room, dining room, and the entrance of your house. Choose a color scheme for those areas first. This way you will be able to choose the right color that goes perfectly with your furniture. It doesn’t matter if you have vintage or mid-century modern furniture. The professionals from say that you have to make sure your walls, couch, and chairs go well together. Once you take care of the formal areas of your home, choose one color from the scheme and make it a motive for your bedroom, for example. This is the safest way to paint your home. You won’t make mistakes and the walls and furniture will tell a wonderful story together.

Choose Soothing Colors For Your Bedroom

People have different tastes. This is perfectly understandable and you should follow your heart when it comes to choosing a color for your bedroom. However, you should also know that a bedroom is a place where you go to relax and recover from a tough day. Therefore, you should choose soothing and calming colors. Blue or light blue is probably the best choice for the bedroom walls. You also won’t make a mistake by going with white or beige. Just make sure the colors are soothing and your bedroom will look beautiful.

Go From Dark To Light

When you are standing outside in your backyard, what do you see in regards to brightness? The sky has the brightest colors, the area in front of you is medium bright, and the ground is a bit darker than the previously mentioned areas. Why is this important? Well, if you want to paint your home properly, you have to imitate the outdoors. Therefore, in order to make your house look good without risking too much, try using light values for the ceiling, medium values for the walls, and darker colors for the floor. It doesn’t matter which colors you choose, if you stick to this strategy, you won’t make mistakes. Of course, make sure to combine the colors with your furniture and your carpets.

Repainting Your Interiors - paint

When In Doubt, Go With Gray

Walls of gray. It sounds a bit boring and uninspiring, but it’s your safest choice if you can’t think of any other color. One of the best things about the gray color is that it is very cold. You might ask yourself – how is this good? Well, it is because it allows you to do whatever you want with the rest of the room. You can combine the cold gray with warm colors. For example, if you decide to paint your walls gray, you should definitely try adding yellow details to your room. Combining warm and cold colors will give your home a mild and pleasant look. Not to mention it will look modern and stylish.

Don’t Forget About The Lighting

The way each color looks depends a lot on the lighting. This is why you should take your time when making a decision. In order to see whether or not a certain color works for you, it’s important you see it in different lights. This means in the morning, in the middle of the day, and under artificial lights. Take a sample of a color you want to use and paint a small part of every wall in your room. Then, watch the color during the day and at night. If you like what you see, you can stop looking. You have found the right color for your home.

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