If you’re thinking of making upgrades to your home, you’re probably aware that it won’t be cheap. Americans spent an average of over $9,000 on home improvements in 2018. With that same amount of money, you can buy a decent used car or travel around the world.

Renovating on a Budget

So what can a homeowner do to cut costs when remodeling their home? Here are five ideas you may want to consider when renovating on a budget.

  1. Pay in Cash

Although not everyone has enough cash available to cover something as pricey as home improvements, it will save you from forking over additional costs over time. If you finance your home project or take out a loan to cover it, you’ll be subject to paying extra in interest and fees. If it isn’t an emergency driving you to renovate your home, consider saving as much cash as possible before hiring a contractor.

  1. DIY What You Can

You may not have the knowledge and skills to demolish a room or install a kitchen island. But you may be able to tackle certain renovation projects such as repainting a room, assembling furniture, or adding a backsplash to your kitchen. YouTube is your friend for home DIY instruction and can also help you determine if the small project is something you feel confident to take on. And if you have a friend who’s qualified to help you out with some of the labor, definitely take them up on the offer. Anything that you can do yourself is money saved when it comes to the labor costs that home remodeling contractors add to your bill.

  1. Avoid the Busy Summer Months

The warm summer months are when contractors are in greatest demand and therefore may charge you more to do the work. If possible, plan home renovations projects after the kids return to school in the fall or when spring comes around. Suppliers tend to be less busy during these times as well.Renovating on a Budget - painting

  1. Let Plumbing Be

Moving a sink or toilet to a new part of the room will drive up your plumbing costs. It’s a complicated task that often involves new pipes. Try to come up with a layout for the room that works around the current plumbing locations to save yourself some added costs.

  1. Purchase Reusable Materials

If anything in your home such as doors or cabinets can be repurposed for the new project, take advantage of it to cut costs. You can also shop for used materials at building material auctions, salvage yards, online, and Habitat for Humanity ReStores. Check with your home contractor first to make sure they’re OK with handling and installing reusable materials.

Renovating on a Budget Is Possible

Renovating on a budget can totally become a reality by following the above tips. You just need to know what areas of your home improvement project qualify for a budget-friendly alternative. At Handyman Tips, we believe in teaching our readers how to make repairs themselves instead of paying for them. Check out our list of DIY projects you can do yourself to save more money.