How to Remove Raccoons from your Attic Using One-Way-Doors

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Raccoons are incredibly smart, resourceful creatures that have adapted very well to city life. They can be found dumpster diving and roaming the streets of cities and suburbs across Canada. Raccoons frequently break into attics when temperatures drop, and females need a place to raise their cubs. Attics provide these animals with safe and warm places to live, but they must be removed quickly – raccoons will cause a tremendous amount of damage. Luckily, one-way doors do the trick. If you suspect that some raccoons are living in your attic, contact a local wildlife removal company for raccoon removal Markham.

How to Remove Raccoons from your Attic Using One-Way-Doors

Raccoons are nocturnal, omnivorous mammals that originate from the forest. In the city, they get by on the fruits and vegetables that people grow in their gardens and the garbage that is left out by the side of the road. Urban raccoons hide in hollow trees, sheds, decks, garages, attics, and chimneys. To reach the attic, they often tear the shingles off the roof, break roof vents off, or push up on the soffits with their backs. Raccoons will exploit any weakness they find on the roof to reach the interior. They can tell that the attic is warm by the air that escapes the vents.

If you suspect that some raccoons are living in your attic, look for the signs. Identifying the pest before attempting to remove it is key. Like other pests, raccoons living in the attic make a lot of noise, but they make the most noise at night. Listen for scratching, chattering, and stomping sounds in the ceiling when it is dark outside. Raccoons may sound like a human is walking in the attic. If you can access the roof, look for signs of damage like torn shingles, broken vents, and holes in the roof’s edge. Finding piles of feces on the roof or in the attic is another indicator. Raccoons leave large piles of feces near their dens.

How to Remove Raccoons from your Attic Using One-Way-Doors - racoons

Using a one-way door to remove raccoons from the attic is an excellent choice because it is safe and humane. To use a one-way door, locate the entrance to the den and screw the door to it. The door will swing outward, letting the animals out, but prevent their re-entry into the attic. Once you animals are gone, you can repair the hole in the roof or block it off with steel mesh. Keep in mind that if there are raccoons in your attic, there may be cubs in there as well. These will need to be removed by hand. Call you local raccoon removal professional to remove the animals safely and reunite them with their mother.

Call a professional wildlife removal company to remove the raccoons from your attic. They can find exactly where the raccoons are hiding and install a one-way-door for you. Accessing the roof and getting close to raccoons can be dangerous. These are wild animals that will attack when they feel threatened. Hiring a professional will ensure that no one gets hurt. They can also wildlife-proof your home for you so that this does not happen again. Visit for more information on raccoon removal and proofing.

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