5 Innovative Ways to Reduce a Home’s HVAC Costs

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When the temperature outside is super hot or cold, you want to know that inside is just right. However, running the AC or heat all the time can take a toll on your wallet. That’s why learning innovative ways to reduce your HVAC costs is imperative. It’s vital that you take some time and consider the updates to your home below to help you save money while keeping comfortable. These seemingly small updates can save you big in the long run.

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While there are some upfront costs, it’s important to know that they will more than pay for themselves over the time while you save on energy costs.

1. Programmable Thermostats

Installing a programmable, or smart thermostat can save you bigger than you think. Having a program while you’re away can keep you from wasting energy keeping the home at a certain temperature when no one is there. These thermostats can be controlled from your smartphone or you can go with a model that isn’t Wi-Fi connected as well. There are many options out there to help you keep your home comfortable while you’re there and save money when you’re not.

2. Vented Soffit Panels

Another way to help reduce your cost is to improve the air flow in the home. If the system has issues pulling or pushing air due to the lack of flow, that can cause your system to work harder. One way to avoid that is by installing vented soffit panels. These soffit panels help to keep attics vented which in turn helps to reduce the amount of heat or cold is held into the roof area. This makes it easier for your HVAC system to work properly. By keeping the air flowing in the attic, it can help to reduce the amount of heat that you feel inside.

vented panels for reducing HVAC costs

3. Reduce HVAC Costs with Exterior Insulation

The exterior wall insulation of your home is a critical component of how much your HVAC system costs you each year. If your insulation is not up to par, the HVAC system is going to run much longer and harder than it has to. That simply drives up the cost you have to pay out of pocket. If your insulation is not doing well, consider installing polyiso exterior wall insulation. This type of insulation is highly durable and does a top-quality job of insulating your home causing you to reduce the amount of time that your HVAC system has to run.

wall insulation to reduce HVAC costs

4. Radiant Flooring

One installation you can consider is radiant floor heating or a heated shower floor. This radiant heating helps to keep your room warm without having to increase the temperature on your HVAC system. You can target the warmth to a specific area you need it. That helps you to reduce the need for constant heating from your HVAC when you are getting up in the mornings for work. This is a very energy-efficient system for heating specific areas.

radiant flooring in bathroom

5. Update Windows and Reduce HVAC Costs

The windows of your home are a vital part in making sure that the energy you’re using to heat or cool your home stays where it should. Windows that need to be updated can be a huge source of energy loss. Sometimes it isn’t the full window you need to replace. Sometimes you can simply find replacement window parts to get you back to being properly protected and insulated. By regularly checking your windows for leaks, you can easily protect yourself from high energy bills from losing it out the window.

Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

Take these ideas into consideration for making sure your HVAC bill doesn’t get out of hand. You can easily save time, money, and stay comfortable all at the same time.

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