5 Smart Ways to Recycle Sawdust

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If you love working with wood, then you are probably no stranger to sawdust. Your carpentry masterpiece may be a work of art, but the sawdust that gets left behind can be a pesky and even dangerous material to leave lying around the workshop. Not only does it cause a few respiratory problems when it makes its way into the air, but it also poses a major fire risk. Hiring pressure washing services often is a great way to keep your workshop and tools clean and free of grease but when it comes to sawdust, you do not necessarily have to toss it into the garbage.

5 Smart Ways to Recycle Sawdust

Here are a few ways you can recycle sawdust and turn your workshop into a zero-waste space.


Wood chips and shavings are a popular landscaping tool that helps lock in soil moisture and prevents erosion from occurring. Normally you would use pre-packaged garden mulch that was purchased from a nursery, however, since we are being thrifty, why not just use the sawdust from your workshop. It is great for getting rid of weeds, which is essential for a healthy garden and also prevents soil from drying out in the dryer, hotter areas.

Fire Lighters

As we already mentioned before, sawdust is extremely flammable, which can pose a major risk in closed spaces like your workshop. However, for things like campfires and bonfires, sawdust is a natural and safe fire lighter to have on hand. And it is so simple to use. All you need to do is lay the sawdust down as the base, then add thicker logs and twigs on top of it. From there, you can add firewood or whatever else you prefer.

Grease and Oil Spills

If your car has leaked a little bit of oil on the driveway or you have spilled some oil on your workshop floor, then sawdust is the perfect cleaning agent to reach for. The sawdust acts as a super sponge that absorbs spills much quicker than old rags. Just sprinkle a layer of sawdust over the spill, let it soak for a few minutes before sweeping it up into a dustpan.

5 Smart Ways to Recycle Sawdust - cleaning oil spills

Floor Cleaner

A mop is not always the most effective way to get your floors sparkling and clean. Sometimes you need something a little tougher to remove stubborn dirt and scuff marks. Sawdust is an effective yet gentle abrasive cleaner that can be used on a variety of floors like wood, concrete, and tiles to get rid of grime and dirt that will not budge at all.

Cat Litter

If you have forgotten to get your furry friend some litter and do not have any other materials on hand, then sawdust is the next best thing to use. It is super absorbent and works perfectly for a temporary fix, however, please bear in mind that it does not prevent odours and should be changed more frequently than regular store-bought cat litter.

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