Reasons to Hire an Oil Tank Removal Company

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Underground oil tanks have been known to wreak havoc on homeowners and even on the surrounding community. This is especially true when the UST (Underground Storage Tank) is made of bare steel, an easily corroded material that will allow your oil to leak to the soil after several years. Of course, when this happens, you either would need to chuck the oil tank or replace it with a new one.

Reasons to Hire an Oil Tank Removal Company

But, don’t be tempted to do it on your own or hire a non-oil tank removal contractor to save some cash. This is not the kind of task you leave for amateurs to handle. So why do you need a professional to remove your underground oil tank? Here’s why.

Nothing Beats Experience

A part of the reason why you pay a little bit more in hiring an oil tank removal company is the experience they have on the job. Both the company and its workforce have been tested and tried by not just other locals in your area but, more importantly, the officers of your state who handle licensing for environmental contractors. According to Simple Tank Services, it’s not only the removal activity that’s needed in performing the project. You would need the necessary permits, and preparatory tasks need to be done to ensure the safe and proper removal of your oil tank.

Another advantage of hiring a local professional oil tank remover in your area is that they know the type, model, and configuration of most of the tanks buried in your locality. Therefore, they would know how to exactly undertake the removal to avoid any unnecessary damages to your tank and your premises.

Licenses and Certifications Are Always A Requisite

Professional oil tank removal companies or contractors are obliged to comply with the requirements and competence exams for the underground tank decommissioning activities to ensure the public that they know what they are doing. It’s not just about the bookish knowledge but the process and how the entire removal activity is performed. Both the company and its employees need certification and licenses to get the job done.

License and certification mean the company and its workforce that did the job for you are liable for any damages and results that may occur after your tank has been removed. They are held accountable if, at any time within the warranty period, something happens to your backyard or household systems that were caused by their negligence. You will be essentially waving this right if you choose to hire a non-oil removal contractor or decide to do it yourself.

Avoid Unnecessary Damages

It’s a fact that if you don’t exactly know what you’re doing, you’re bound to make mistakes. And mistakes in removing an underground oil tank can be catastrophic, not to mention very costly.

You may have opted to remove your subsurface oil tank because you’re switching to gas or the tank is very old that there’s a risk it can leak. If your contractor or you is not careful, they might mishandle the lifting of the oil tank that resulted in it being punctured and leaking the oil. If you are aware of the costs of remediation for a leaking oil tank, you would know that it can be anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000. A very costly expense compared to a few couple thousand bucks if you chose to hire a competent oil tank removal.

If you have already confirmed that your oil tank is leaking, you would want to quickly resolve the issue unless you want to risk destroying your beautiful small garden. Leaking oils are known to smell, cause plants to die, and your soil to turn brown—another reason to ensure that you have a professional oil tank remover on the job.

Avoid Mismanagement of Contaminated Soil

When the oil has leaked into your property, chances are the ground surrounding it has been contaminated, which can endanger your family’s health and even your neighbors’. A competent oil tank removal company will inspect the extent of contamination and devise a tested and effective plan on how to remove the contaminated soil.

Reasons to Hire an Oil Tank Removal Company - rust

Contractors with no experience in handling oil-contaminated soil may just discard the spoil somewhere that is not the proper area to dispose of hazardous materials. Another problem might come knocking at your door if county officials have discovered it. Another thing to consider is if the contractor has very limited knowledge of checking and inspecting which areas were contaminated, they may just opt to excavate and replace uncontaminated locations in your backyard or lawn, which is an unnecessary additional cost for you.

Best Repair Services

When the reason for removing your oil tank is to have it repaired, some oil tank removal contractors can do that for you at a discounted price. They have mechanics and even plumbing specialists who can check your oil tank lines to your home. They can even give you tips and recommendations on the best oil tank replacement if the equipment has been concluded to be unserviceable. That is another benefit of having a professional look into your oil heating system. You have free consulting services!

Peace of Mind

Something that no money can ever compensate for is your peace of mind. The confidence that a professional oil tank removal company can provide would ease any worries of additional expenses and things to do. They will be frank and would tell you exactly what’s their assessment of your oil tank and what needs to be done. For companies that have been doing this job for years, they usually have contingencies for some small things they are anticipating might happen during the course of the project. Something that you would appreciate if you have a tight budget for this home improvement cost.

Removal of an underground oil tank is a delicate task that people who do it for a living need to be taken care of. It does not just involve hiring an excavator and lifting equipment to get that tank out in the open. The procedure takes time, permits, assessment, and proper planning to prevent any further complications. You will be safe and surely saved a lot of money by giving your trust to a competent professional oil tank remover.

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