Reasons To Have Your Roof Renewed

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We all need a roof over our heads, but sometimes that roof needs our attention too. Most of us rarely consider the state of our roof and whether it may need any care or repair. In fact, you should be aware of the state of your roof and when it may need a bit of attention.

Reasons To Have Your Roof Renewed

Have a detailed check for the signs annually, as well as generally keeping an eye out for any changes.

New Roof or Repair?

As we discuss some of the signs of damage that may occur, you may be wondering whether to re-fit your roof entirely or simply repair broken patches. This depends on the level of damage, and of course, the cost. If you are concerned that the damage is extensive and a new roof is in order, ask your local construction company to have the new roof prices explained to you. They will be able to assess the damage and let you know what sort of repair or replacement is required. So, what are the most common reasons to have your roof renewed? You need to be aware and ready to spring into action if any of these situations arise. 

Loose Tiles

One of the most common and easy to spot issues with a roof is loose tiles. If you have one or two loose tiles, you probably don’t need to panic. A roofing specialist will be able to reattach or replace these few tiles quite easily. However, more than a couple and you should consider replacing your roof, as this could be a sign of general degradation in the tiles and fittings. As always, ask a specialist, and they will advise.

Water Leaks

Even the smallest leak in a roof can lead to serious structural issues. If you notice dripping in your loft, this could be a sign of structural failings, loose tiles, or even worse issues. If the leak is persistent or particularly large, call an emergency roofing specialist immediately. Water coming through your roof could lead to dampness in your entire house or damage and breaks to ceilings and floors below.

Reasons To Have Your Roof Renewed - damaged shingles


The top of your roof should always follow a straight line. If you notice anything that appears to be sagging, bowing, or bending along this straight ridge, this can be a sign of structural damage. This could have been caused by water damage, age, or a fault within the roofing materials. A sagging roof is dangerous as the weight will no longer be spread evenly across the surface. This is a clear sign that your roof needs to be replaced.


Finally, any signs of rot or mildew on the underlay inside your roof is an early warning sign that there are issues ahead. Rot usually means there is a fault in your tiling, allowing water and dirt through the roof. If left untreated, it can lead to other issues already mentioned, such as sagging or leaking. Any dampness or rot should be treated immediately by a professional. By checking for these signs annually, you will be able to keep the health of your roof in check. Unfortunately, sometimes these issues do arise, and a new roof may be required. The earlier you spot an issue, the less likely it is you will need a full replacement.

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