5 Compelling Reasons To Change The Locks Of Your New Home

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Locks are an integral part of any residential owner’s doors. They come in a variety of designs, models, and the like. You can choose from multiple options in the market that’ll fit your needs and tastes.

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But have you ever wondered how your door’s locks work? Check out the following section below to find out.

How Does A Mechanical Lock Work

Traditional mechanical locks can be fitted into different types of doors, whether it be the front door or a cupboard door. These types of locks contain two separate parts. One part gets fitted into the door or cupboard, while the other can fit into the rectangular frame of the door – this is known as the mortise. The latter part of the lock also includes a bolt that can be moved in or out of the door’s reinforced hole by using a metal mechanism. This mechanism can be manipulated with a key, which can lock or unlock your door. There are other types of locks besides the traditional design, which will be touched on throughout this post.

Why Change Your House’s Locks To New Ones

Changing locks in the home isn’t a regular thing to do for most American homeowners. Yet whatever your reason, changing your locks is a simple procedure that your local locksmith can perform.

Here are some compelling reasons to change your home door locks.

1. You Want A Smart Upgrade To Your Old Locks

Smart locks have caught the whole country by storm. It’s believed that many modern properties feature a smart lock system or two to give families peace of mind. If you want to join the bandwagon, you can call your local professional or a locksmith in Parker Colorado to help you upgrade to a smart lock, an innovative way to secure your home. Many smart locks use password technology to offer convenience and added layer of safety. Some smart lock options require biometric scans to up the ante. Access is only given to those who can provide registered fingerprint and iris scans. This means only authorized people will have access to your property. Other smart locks also come with a monitoring function that allows you to see who is at the door via a screen. This way, you gain more control over who enters your property. Some companies also feature an option wherein you can lock all the doors simultaneously via an app on your smartphone.

2. Your Locks Don’t Match Your Home Remodelling

If you’re undergoing a complete home remodel, you may want to change your locks to suit your remodelling. By contacting a residential locksmith service, you can ensure that the locks you choose are of high quality, made with premium materials, and come with a warranty. The new locks will blend in with your other renovations, promoting a cohesive look.

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3. You’ve Just Moved Into Your Place

Moving into a new home takes some time to get used to your property. Changing the locks in your home can give you a sense of ownership of your new house. To further make your new place feel like your own, you can also change the style of your locks to suit your preferences. After successfully changing your doors’ locks, you’ll have a feeling of excitement as you take on the journey of being a homeowner.

4. You’ve Recently Gone Through Major Life Events

Your home can reflect who you are. If you’ve just relocated to a new address, gone through a divorce, or expecting a new baby, it’d be a good idea to replace the locks in your home. It’s a great sign to a start for the new stage in your life. Changing the locks gives you a sense of change and will allow you to carry on knowing that you’re in total control of your life starting with the security of your property.

5. The Lock You Currently Have Doesn’t Work Properly

Home renovating projects can unearth multiple residential issues including malfunctioning locks. Keep an eye on such problems. Malfunctioning locks are a headache. Locks that lock on their own, locks that don’t work well with their keys, and others are hassles that make home living difficult and cumbersome. They’re a hazard as well to your children or older relatives. Don’t sit on it – change your doors’ locks now if you notice them not working as they used to before to avoid any stress.


There are many more reasons why someone would want to change their locks and some of them are mentioned above. If you’re planning to make the switch soon, make sure that the lock that you’re going to buy is dependable, made from quality materials, and comes with a great warranty. If your budget allows it, you may even upgrade to a smart lock for a higher level of security. Lastly, reach out to a reputable locksmith in your locale to have them do the installation for you for optimum results.

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