Reasons to Call an AC Repair Company

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Air conditioners develop glitches after years of extensive use. You may notice that they have stopped working, and they have already outlived their life spans. Their functional life is over, and you may have to replace them with brand-new units that are more energy-efficient. Read more about life expectancies of major appliances on this site.

Reasons to Call an AC Repair Company

In some cases, an AC repair company will advise you to repair the appliance so you can save more. Trained technicians will usually know the cause of why the AC is not cooling the room. If you’re unsure on why you should call an HVAC contractor in the first place, then read on.

1. The Air Conditioner Does Not Cool the Room Properly

One of the most amazing inventions of mankind is the air conditioner. It can quickly lower the temperature on a blazing summer day. You can be comfortable even if the day presents unbearable heat waves, and you can sleep better at night. However, there’s a considerable chance that your appliance will start to blow hot air, especially after a few years. Hot air coming out of your unit is a sign that the compressor needs repair service and becomes faulty. The compressor may not be the only problem, so it’s better to consult a professional to inspect your appliance with a trained eye. It can be an issue of a faulty fuse or a damaged compressor. Read more about what to do with a damaged compressor here: Whatever the case, an immediate response through repairs of the appliance will prevent further issues from developing. Letting the problems sit will worsen them, and they may result in more expensive repairs later on.

2. Shutting Down On Its Own

You may think that a ghost is playing with your AC when it automatically shuts off even if the power button was not pressed, but this is a sign of malfunction. It may be a sign of filters that have accumulated a lot of dirt and debris, and they need a thorough washing or replacing. Know that the filters can limit the airflow in your unit, and the evaporator coils can be affected. This is why the AC may turn off and on repeatedly throughout the day. It’s best to have the best technician here to check what’s going on and make sure that this temporary issue will not lead to bigger ones down the road.

Reasons to Call an AC Repair Company - shutting down

3. Higher Humidity Levels inside the Home

The summer air is naturally warm and humid. The high humidity levels go down a notch when you switch on your air conditioning unit. There’s the regulation of the temperature that will essentially remove the humidity and make you less sweaty. If the room is still humid despite turning on your appliance, call the technicians for a maintenance check-up.

4. Making Noises

The window types have moderate noises when the compressor starts to cool the air inside the room. For split-type units, they are generally efficient and very quiet when they operate. When you suddenly notice that it becomes noisy out there, it can result from broken parts and damaged internal mechanisms. This can cause further damage if left unchecked, and major replacement of the parts can happen. Call a servicing company to make sure that your unit is not going to be damaged.

5. Poor Airflow

You may feel that your AC unit is struggling to cool the room, and this may be a sign that the filters are already becoming dirty. Filters and ducts should require maintenance, and HVAC contractors in your area should service them. Airflow should never be a problem when the ducts and vents are free from twigs, dirt, debris, mold, and dried leaves. Get them cleaned today and breathe fresh air.

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Other Signs to Call the HVAC Servicemen

The first sign that you realize that the AC can’t sufficiently cool the room is the time when you call the repairman. This issue will just worsen in time, and they will not be resolved on their own. Also, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance for your units because the techs have the right skills, equipment, and knowledge to remove debris, dirt, mold, and algae that may have found their way into the appliance. If you notice gurgling, hissing, or squealing noises, immediately turn off your air conditioner and call a tech immediately. The hiss can be a sign of a refrigerant that’s leaking out of control. The squealing means that there’s a problem with the fan motor belt, and it may need replacement because it’s too worn out. Gurgling means that there are low levels of refrigerant, and it requires a refill. These are all things that many homeowners can’t fix easily, even if they follow repair tips on videos and articles on the internet.

When you notice that your split-type unit is leaking water, you need to make emergency calls right away to an HVAC company. While it’s natural for some units to have condensation, know that this will drip in a specific tray and be drained away eventually. When you ignore the constant drips, you could end up potentially damaging the nearby appliances and be electrocuted by live wires. If the water is overflowing, the drain lines or the pans may be the ones that are clogged, and they need to have a maintenance service as soon as possible. Also, know that an ill-maintained unit will be the source of microbes and allergens, so you should take care of your appliance for the better well-being of the entire family.

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