5 possible reasons your ac is not cooling properly

The air conditioning system is a blessing in the hot and humid summer season but when it stops working no one can bear the unbearable heat. AC cools you off when you are feeling the heat so it must work properly. But sometimes, your ac acts up and the worst situation happens, your air conditioner which is meant for cooling doesn’t cool your house properly anymore. You can call professional air conditioning repair services to detect and solve any problems with your air conditioner.

5 possible reasons your ac is not cooling properly

This article tries to give away five possible reasons why your ac might not be cooling properly.

1. Your air filter is dirty

The air filter is an important component of your AC system. It filters out fine dust and particles present in the air, thus keeping your cooling coils clean. If your AC is not performing, one of the first steps you should take is to clean the filter. It’s possible that if the filter is clogged with dust or dirt, it could cause your unit to run inefficiently and even stall completely. One method you can use to determine whether your air filter is dirty or not is to pass light through your air filter. If the light is barely passing through then it’s time for you to change your air filter.

2. Your thermostat settings are incorrect

It may sound silly but you can also check your thermostat settings if your ac is not cooling properly. You should keep two things in mind when checking the thermostat settings. First, check if the fan is set on “Auto” mode rather than “on” mode. This is because when you choose the “on” option the fan continuously runs, even if the AC is not turned, resulting in warm air coming inside of your house. Whereas if you set it on “auto” mode then it only uses the fan when the AC is cooling your house.

3. Ac size not apt to the size of your home

Often people do not think of this problem when buying AC for their room. While you should always look for an air conditioner in your budget, the more important thing is to choose an ac according to the size of your room. Air conditioner size is one thing that we often neglect when deciding the size of an AC we need. If your air conditioner is in a large room then it will work harder and will require more electricity to cool your home which can lead to wearing and tearing of the ac parts and then the cooling will be ineffective.

5 possible reasons your ac is not cooling properly - air filter

4. Damaged refrigerant

Refrigerant is part of your air conditioner that cools your home by removing the heat from inside and by dumping it outside your home. But when the refrigerant gets damaged, this function isn’t done properly which leads to insufficient cooling. Common signs of refrigerant damage are bubbling or hissing noise from the outside unit. You can get this problem solved by calling professional AC repair services.

5. Irregular maintenance of air conditioner

Professional checkups can help ensure that your air conditioner works properly at all times. So, if you haven’t done maintenance for a long time then maybe it is time for you to call a professional service. These are a handful of reasons why your ac might not be working properly. If you can’t find any of the above reasons to apply to your ac then you can call professional services to take a look at your air conditioner and identify your problem thoroughly.

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