5 Questions To Ask Commercial Builders Before Building

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Undertaking a commercial project is no easy feat. It’s going to cost you quite a considerable amount of both time and money. If it’s an investment that you’re venturing into, it’s not something that you can go through haphazardly. If done so in this manner, it can mean a costly mistake that’s very hard to undo. This highlights the need for you to place your project in the hands of the best commercial builder there is.

5 Questions To Ask Commercial Builders Before Building

Looking for the best commercial builder may seem like a daunting and impossible task, but it’s actually doable. It starts with asking your commercial builders Adelaide locality the right questions. These include asking about the following:

How Long Have You Been In The Industry?

In a highly technical industry such as construction, experience is a determining factor. There’s no substitute for a commercial builder who has years of experience on their plate. The longer that your contractor has been doing this job, the more you can be assured that they know what they’re doing. This would also mean that they’ve undergone numerous other projects in the past to hone their skills. An experienced commercial builder will be an asset to you. When they know what they’re doing, there are lesser chances that you’re going to encounter mistakes that could’ve been avoided simply by having experience.

Do You Have Experience In This Type Of Project?

To follow up the previous section, you should also make it a point to ask about whether or not the commercial builder has any experience in the type of project you’re going to undertake. Asking this question can effectively help you in narrowing down your options. You should leave your project in the hands of a commercial builder who has experience in the particular project that you want to be completed.

For instance, different contractors have specific fields of expertise and interest. What kind of commercial space are you looking to build? Is it a rental space for offices and buildings? Or are you looking for one that can make rental apartments? Is it a specific area you need specialization in, like the roofing or the interior? Based on the answer that the contractor is going to give you, you can better determine whether or not they can keep up with your demands.

Do You Have The Necessary Permits And Licenses To Operate?

With the numerous commercial builders or contractors around, how do you know that you’re dealing with someone who is operating with a legal permit? Ask to see this type of documentation. The last thing that you would ever want is to realize later on that you’ve left your project in the hands of an unqualified contractor, or one whose license has already long been revoked. Should there be any problems later on, it’s going to be very hard to chase an illegal entity or even penalize them. For your protection, only deal with those who have the proper permit to do so.

5 Questions To Ask Commercial Builders Before Building - pouring concrete

What Other Projects Have You Worked On In The Past?

Asking about the other projects that your clients have worked on is one of the best ways you can have a list of references. It’s through this question that you can have the opportunity to know the names of these previous clients. As a part of your thorough research, you should also take the time to ask for references from these former clients. Were they satisfied with the service that was provided to them? Is there any negative feedback that serves as a red flag for you? The rule of thumb you should follow is if the negative feedback outweighs the positive ones, then perhaps it’s time for you to choose another commercial builder instead.

What Are Your Means Of Scheduling And Time Management?

Especially with commercial buildings, you’d know that time is of the essence. You cannot go through numerous delays. Because you’re building for a profit, you’re also counting every single amount spent on delays, extra labor, overhead costs, and the like. Plus, there’s also that opening date that you might be trying to catch. As you talk to your commercial builder, make it a point to also ask about their means of time management. It’s here that you can better determine whether or not they’re efficient, or if they’ll end up missing your target dates.


Finding a contractor for any project is never an easy task. It’s one that’s going to be long and arduous, but it’s achievable. By asking the right questions, you can be one step closer towards forming a good and healthy relationship with the right builder, even before you begin the project. During the initial stage of getting to know each other, give yourselves the time to sit down, and lay all your cards down the table.

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    I appreciate your tips on what to ask potential commercial builders. I like how you recommend making sure they have the necessary permits and licenses. I think it would also be important to make sure they have insurance.

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    I found it helpful when you said that you must consider determining whether a commercial builder is efficient by asking about their means of time management. My mother is planning to hire a contractor because she wants a 4-story apartment to be constructed for her. She said that she would want the project to be completed before she retires next year so she could be sure that all the expected expenses are going to be dealt with by her with no problem. I will share your tips with her.

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