A Quality Roof Provides Long-Term Protection

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While roofing materials generally last for quite a few years, all roofing products must be replaced at some point. The life of a roof depends on the quality of the materials used. You can contact professionals like Consumerfirstroofingsc.com who always recommend selecting the best possible products to stretch the expected life of a roof.

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Understanding Roofing Construction Basics

Roof systems include more than shingles, and selecting quality components is crucial for a roof to last for as long as possible. When replacing your roof, the first layer that goes over the rafters or trusses is sheathing. In the past, solid boards were used, but plywood or OSB now form this base layer. Builder’s felt or one of the newer sheathing wraps cover the underlayment and make up the first layer of protection from water. The shingles or other roofing materials complete the system, but flashing products, vents, and other products ensure the entire system functions correctly.

In Ohio, roofing experts may encourage the use of special ice dam prevention materials to avoid costly damage that results from thawing and freezing of water on a home’s roof. Ask your roofing experts if they recommend ice dam protection and have them explain how the materials protect a home from winter water damage. Always feel free to ask questions related to a roofing company’s recommendations for materials and installation strategies.

Choose Quality Roofing Materials

Roofing materials come in various quality levels, and most experts recommend selecting high-quality products if the budget is adequate. While inexpensive three-tab shingles remain a common choice, most home improvement professionals suggest moving up to better materials that will last longer and require less maintenance. Keep in mind that homeowners have numerous roofing materials to select from, so ask about dimensional and laminated shingle options as upgrades from basic three-tab shingles. Also, consider metal roofing or other products when a home’s style suggests those options would look or perform better. Roofing experts routinely explain the pros and cons of different roofing materials so homeowners understand the benefits of each choice.

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Work With Proven Professionals

Even the best roofing materials won’t perform well if they’re not installed correctly. That’s why consumer advocates always recommend avoiding contractors who cut corners during the installation process. True professionals take pride in providing clients with quality workmanship that enables roofing materials to last as long as possible. Quality roofing contractors make themselves available to clients long after a new roof installation is completed. That’s because routine maintenance and repairs protect a home and ensure the roof lasts for many years. When a storm rolls through, roofing experts recommend a roof inspection to locate potential problems and deal with them quickly.

Start With an Evaluation of Your Home’s Current Roof

In many cases, roofing experts can extend the life of a home’s current roof by completing a few repairs. If you’re unsure how old a home’s roof is or whether a replacement is required, take the time now to contact a roofing professional for advice. Hopefully, the roof will function for a few more years, but if a replacement is needed, the experts will offer recommendations based on your home and budget. Roofing experts provide detailed estimates for repairs or replacements that eliminate surprises when the job is finished. They also approach every project professionally, which means they take precautions to prevent damage to the home or landscaping and clean up the site when the project is completed.

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