How to Hire Quality Handyman in San Diego

When you’re looking for a general handyman in San Diego, you need to know what the tasks they’re going to perform are. Not only that, but you are generally going to have to realize that the person you are asking is not only a jack of all trades, but also a master of them too. Handymen will usually give you a rate because they often get paid by the hour. Sometimes though, you’ll pay for the entire project upfront, or half now half later.

How to Hire Quality Handyman in San Diego

But how do you hire a quality handyman? We’ll let you know in this little guide.

License and Registration Please?

If the work that you need done requires a contractor’s license, you can check whether your handyman is certified, licensed, and insured with the local or state requirements that are needed. Any handyman can install basic plumbing or replace a garbage disposal in general, but if you need to rewire your house or have more serious work that needs done, that job will probably require a contractor’s license. Be sure to ask your handyman and see proof in person too of their insurance. You don’t want to be liable for anything that could happen, so you want to make sure your handyman is fully insured. It’s a safety measure for them too.

Don’t Sign Anything Yet

When it comes to getting an estimate, a consult, which most handymen will offer to you for free with a little bit of analysis, you want to get it in writing. Don’t sign any contract agreement without getting a full estimate, and being sure that you have every detail of what the job will be, what work will be done, what parts are going to be used, their rate, as well as a completion date from the time of hire that it will take. By getting it in writing, you’ll basically be getting a form of service agreement. Speaking of which, you can even ask them when you interview your handyman about their most recent references from people that had the same kind of work done.

Also during the interview process, you want to do some research on them. Do they have a website? You’ll want to be sure to get their most recent client’s contact information as well, as this is crucial. Now, we’re not saying to not believe their testimonials, but you want to ensure you get all the facts too. You can also see if your handyman may have a portfolio and check for things like before and after photos of big projects that they may have been a part of. In general, you can also keep in mind what service you’ll need. If you need your gutters cleaned, you probably aren’t going to need a license or too many reviews for that.


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