How To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

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Whether your outdoor furniture is made of plastic, wood, or anything in between, you need to keep it neat and clean. Come rain or shine, there should always be an ideal way to take care of your outdoor furnishings.

How To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

This guide provides great assistance on how to bring life and elegance back to your tired picnic table or your forgotten plastic seating.

Plastic Furniture

For most homeowners, plastic furniture has become a staple. It’s affordable, reliable, and easy to clean. If you want something more resilient, then this is the perfect garden furniture for you. However, it’s important that when plastic is exposed to direct sunlight, it might end up becoming weaker. So, when not in use, ensure that it’s kept in a shaded place whenever possible.

To tidy up plastics and resins, simply dunk a cloth into a mix of warm water and a detergent and then wipe out all dirt. If you’ve fine crevices, you might want to use a soft toothbrush to clean them. Avoid scourers or anything that can scratch the surface of your furniture since plastic tends to be soft. Power washers are also capable of damaging plastic furniture and should, therefore, be avoided. Make sure that you rinse it off with sufficient water once it’s clean and allow it to air-dry.

Glass Table Tops

Although modern and stylish, glass tabletops can be magnets for dirt. You can use any household glass window cleaner to clean these types of furniture. Cracks and chips can always be fixed with a simple repair kit. When they grow too large they can end up becoming dangerous, so be careful when handling such issues.

And if you’ve any troubles with acid rain, using an automotive wax can be of great help. It can help in safeguarding the surfaces of your glass tops against further damage. If the table features a tile top, you can clean it in the same way as glass.

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Wooden or Wicker

Luxury Outdoor Furniture that is made of wood is an outstanding addition to your kitchen. However, it might need a little more work than the plastic deck chairs. Yearly treatment with stains might be necessary to maintain its beautiful appearance. This will ensure that your wooden furnishings are safe to keep outside all year round. But it’s still better to keep it indoors or in your shade during the colder months.

Softwood furniture needs special treatment to protect it from, hazardous elements. If your furniture is made of pine, ensure that it’s treated before you can take it home. You may also want to make sure that a wooden preserver is applied as an added coat.  This will go a long way in maintaining your furniture and making it last longer.


If you truly love your home, you’ll want to make sure that its outdoor setting stays clean and beautiful all year round. The above tips will help you clean all your furniture – from plastic to wood and glass. Remember, regular maintenance is crucial for safeguarding your furnishings against damage and keeping them attractive all through.

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