How to Protect Your House From a Flood

Live in an area prone to flooding? Well, you can’t afford to fall behind on your home flood protection. Indeed, a solitary inch of water in your property could cause over $26,000 of damage! The financial side of things is only one potential issue though. You could lose your favorite furnishings, decorations, prized possessions, and family photographs as well.

How to Protect Your House From a Flood

Want to avoid suffering such a fate? Read on for 5 top flood protection tips for your home.

Shift Your Electrics

As you know, water and electricity don’t mix well. Keep anything electronic out of reach of rising water levels. Don’t, and you’ll have more than just flood damage to worry about. The electric charge will run through the water and threaten to electrocute anybody who enters. Move all switches, sockets, and circuits out of reach. Place them a foot off the ground as a minimum, or more if the floods have been known to rise higher where you live.

Turn Your House Into an Ark

No, we don’t mean you have to live on a houseboat! All you need to do is contact a company that can make your property properly watertight. Flood Ark USA is one such example. The guys and gals over there help construct custom-built bespoke barriers for your property. When there’s a danger of flooding, you take them out of storage, pop them into place and weather the storm. No water can get through, helping your home steer clear of trouble. Learn more here about what they do.

Affix Outdoor Equipment in Place

Got a fuel tank outside your home? How about an HVAC unit, or a generator? Any and all of these things need to be affixed to the ground. There’s a risk of rising water levels lifting and shifting them. The result can be deleterious to both your supply lines and the environment, which will become contaminated in the process. Find ways to anchor them in place to keep this from happening. Another good idea is to raise them off the ground. The combination of elevation and anchoring will ensure everyone and everything is kept safe and sound.

How to Protect Your House From a Flood - living room

Fix Up Foundation Issues

Cracks in your foundation spell trouble when the floods hit. Water, by its nature, will take the path of least resistance and flow anywhere it can. All those splits in your foundation will let water enter your property. Fix up the issue with a bit of mortar or masonry caulk. Buy it at the local hardware store to plug the gaps.

Install Valves in Sewage Lines

The last thing you want is for sewers or septic tanks to send their delightful contents back into your home. Installing check valves will stop this from happening. These clever devices ensure waste only goes one way (aka not into your property!). They can save a lot of hassle and prevent and foul-smelling calamities from occurring.

Time to Increase Your Home Flood Protection

Adequate home flood protection is essential in areas susceptible to flooding. Hopefully, this article has provided a few tips to help you protect your property. Looking for more posts like this one? Search ‘flood’ on our website now!

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