6 Property Maintenance Rules Every Landlord Should Follow

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Most landlords tend only to build the house and forget all about the house when it comes to maintenance. That’s why you’ll find some homes completely inhabitable for tenants, yet the landlord does nothing.  This is against the law, but the tenant is the one who suffers.

6 Property Maintenance Rules Every Landlord Should Follow

As a caring landlord, you want to be a person who takes maintenance as seriously as renting out the house. If you don’t, the house may end up needing significant repairs as long as you ignore it. Below are property maintenance rules you should follow as a landlord.

Stay Updated with New Trends

New trends come up every day regarding everything, and property maintenance hasn’t been left behind. When you keep up with the recent trends, it ensures that your houses will be modern. The more modern they are, the better the chances of filling up accessible. Another thing about the new trends is that they are better than the old ones. For example, siding cement is a new way to keep houses durable. These recent trends also ensure that the home will also be stylish too as much as stable.


It would help if you then kept in mind that policies guide the whole “landlord/tenant” thing. Some of the guidelines ensure that tenants can withhold rent if they don’t maintain the property. And they can sue for compensation if they perform the maintenance themselves. As a landlord, you need to ensure that you learn the law and how it works. The law seeks to ensure that you have habitable houses for your tenants. That’s before you rent out the property – or maintain it even if you have tenants. When you learn some of these policies, it also ensures that you don’t miscommunicate with the people around you. It would help if you then also had a drawn-up understanding that outlines the policies and protocols. This should be air-tight to ensure you don’t fall on the wrong side of the law.

Pest Control

Another rule that you should know as a landlord is you need to deal with pest infestation. If you want your properties to be habitable, they need to be rid of pests. Pest control is something that needs to be addressed as soon as it’s realized. When you have tenants in the house and report pest infestation, you need to address that early. You can hire any of these pest control experts to help you deal with pest infestation. This is something that you need to hire experts, especially if it’s a severe infestation.

Regular Inspection

Inspection should be something that happens regularly, even if you don’t suspect any pest infestation. You can have a specific timeline where you can do the inspections. And they need to be for anything and everything too. For example, you can schedule inspections for pest infestation at least once every six months. Plumbing inspections can be done annually; you can mix it up with roofing inspections too. Regular checks ensure you won’t have to deal with severe repairs at once.

6 Property Maintenance Rules Every Landlord Should Follow - garden house

Timely Maintenance

When you have performed the inspection, you need to ensure that your perfume is maintained in – timely. Timely care has some great benefits to the house and the pocket too. You’ll likely only deal with a few repairs than letting the situation escalate. Timely maintenance also ensures that the property maintains its value. This maintenance should also be done correctly. This means the hiring of professionals to deal with all maintenance work. Renters are too picky at this age that you can afford to have shoddy work done.


Another crucial rule to follow as a landlord is communication. You are likely to handle countless matters when you have tenants, so you’ll need to ensure you learn the art of communication. This can help you a lot as you deal with people from different walks of life. First, you need to be able to answer their queries promptly. Complaints, too, need to be addressed early enough – they shouldn’t be left to escalate. For example, when a tenant reports pest infestation, before letting it get to where they withhold rent, address the issue early.

As a landlord, you need to ensure that you have some rules guiding how you operate with your tenants. And the set of rules also need to be within the parameters of the law too. If not, you will find yourself run-ins with the law. These are some of the rules you need to follow as a landlord, especially where maintenance of the house is concerned.

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