Specifications to Check When Buying Professional Viking Arm Tools

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If you happen to be welding and want something to help you maneuver it, then the Viking arm tools are just what you need. They’re known as adjustable-length welding clamps, and they allow you to control the position of the welder easily. The height can be adjusted with a push of a button, allowing you to work with it at a comfortable level.

Specifications to Check When Buying Professional Viking Arm Tools

When buying the best Viking arm tools, there are several specifications you need to check before making the purchase. Here are some of them.

Weight of the Viking Arm Tool

Check the weight because it will tell you whether or not you can maneuver it around without too much effort. If it’s too heavy, this means that the steel used is also thick, which translates to durability but at the cost of portability.

Base Frame

Some people think that this isn’t necessary, but it actually is. When you buy a tool, you usually want high durability and performance no matter where it comes from. This specification plays a vital role because the base frame plays a big part in how sturdy your arm will be. If it’s not sturdy enough, it might end up breaking.

Height of the Arm

Another aspect that people overlook when buying these tools is the height of the Viking arm. Again, this specification affects the quality of your tool significantly because if you don’t get one with a high adjustable range, it won’t do you any good. Make sure that you know beforehand the type of application you’re going to use it for, giving you an idea of what height would be suitable.

Pivot Type

Some people are unaware that there are different pivot types for these tools. You want one that is balanced but at the same time easy to push. Some models might require you to apply a lot of force to get it at the height you want, which is something no one has time for.

Specifications to Check When Buying Professional Viking Arm Tools - handheld jack

Grip Handle

The grip handle is one of the essential specifications because this is where you’ll be grabbing to move the tool around. If it’s too small for your hand or if it isn’t comfortable enough, then you’re not going to enjoy using it.

Operation Range

This specification tells you the height range that the tool can adjust to. The best tool for this type of tool is an adjustable range between 6 and 225 mm, which gives you more than enough options to choose from.

Types of Adjustment Controls

There are two types of adjustment controls that you can choose from when buying the best Viking arm tool, which are the push-button controls and the cam handle type. The push-button type is easier to use, so you might want to check this out before choosing between the two.

Other Specifications

Apart from the above specifications, there are still other things that you might want to check. These include grip handle material, clamping jaws, opening angle, arm travel speed, etc. You can easily compare different models because these specifications should be available in most cases. In any case, don’t forget to take your time when checking them out.

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