How to Be Productive Even When You Are Seriously Injured

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Sometimes, some of us are unlucky and find ourselves the victim of an accident or mistake by someone else. Accidents do happen. And, some people are just negligent and nasty. What’s even worse is when that accident leads to a serious injury, especially since it wasn’t your fault. Feeling stuck, in pain, and lonely with an injury can be an unpleasant time.

How to Be Productive Even When You Are Seriously Injured

So, what can you do when you are shut at home or in hospital seriously injured? Well, you can build a legal case against whoever caused the injury for a start! You can also find other ways to look after yourself and be productive. In this article, we are going to explain everything.

Speak to a Lawyer (Remotely!)

The first thing you can do – and arguably the most productive thing possible – is to speak with a lawyer. Luckily, in today’s modern world, you’ll be able to speak to a lawyer without ever leaving your bed or sofa. In fact, we spoke to an Ohio personal injury lawyer who told us that almost all their new client meetings are currently taking place remotely since people have become so used to Zoom and similar apps during the pandemic. 

The best advice you can follow here is to stick with a lawyer or law firm that specializes in personal injury law. They will be able to offer you the very best advice on how to build your case from home. They, of course, will help gather as much evidence as possible and start legal action when needed. But, there will definitely be things you can do to help from home. Another benefit to speaking to lawyers remotely is that you can take your time and choose the lawyer that’s right for you. Almost all legal firms offer free first consultations in cases like these, so calling a few different lawyers won’t cost you anything other than a little extra time. 

Gather Medical Evidence

One of the things you can likely do from home is gathering your medical evidence. One of the key factors in building any kind of personal injury lawsuit is your medical expenses. From the minute you were injured, you’ve likely had to spend money on medical bills or insurance payments. These can all be accessed, requested, or recorded remotely, so you can keep quite productive doing all this from home. You should have kept copies of all food receipts and travel expenses relating to hospital visits too. 

Seek Other Evidence

There are other things that can cost you money post-accident. In some cases, you may lose your job or run out of sick pay. If these things do happen, or you lose any earnings whatsoever, you need to make sure they are recorded. You will need communications with your employer, bank statements, and more. All to prove that your injury has cost you work and money. You can also reach out to the police or the venue where the accident occurred to ask about CCTV. Your lawyers may have done this on your behalf, but you can always help by asking these things! Any other evidence you can think of such as writing statements about how the injury will affect your future earnings and lifestyle, mental health, or home. All of this can cost you money and cause further health problems. So you need to record it all.

How to Be Productive Even When You Are Seriously Injured - people

Act Fast

It’s worth noting you should do this as quickly as possible. There is a statute of limitations which, depending on what state you’re in, can be anywhere from 6 months to 2 years for a claim like this. Make sure you spend your time wisely and get proceedings started with plenty of time to spare.

Productive Self Care Tips

These legal tasks may take up the majority of your time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some time to work on yourself. When stuck inside and unable to exercise, there are still productive things you can do even with a painful injury. Why not spend a portion of your time learning something new? See if you can improve your career prospects with online education, turning a bad situation into something good. Or, try to build new habits such as cooking or journaling to help improve your mental health. Finding the time to build new skills and habits can really make you feel better about the worst of days.

These are our tips for feeling productive and helping out after being the victim of an accident and serious injury. You can still have a good, productive, mentally healthy time even through an injury. We hope these tips help if you find yourself in such a situation.

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