6 Problems You Will Need A Locksmith For

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People tend to take their house keys for granted. They’re always on your keychain, ready to unlock the door and let you into your home anytime you need it. They’re there when they’re needed but otherwise largely ignored until they’re absolutely necessary again. However, they are also really small things that can get easily misplaced, lost, or have a number of other things happen to them – and when they do, you might need a locksmith.

6 Problems You Will Need A Locksmith For

Here’s a list of the 6 problems that will definitely lead to your needing a locksmith.

1. Getting Locked Out Of Your Home

If you live alone, and no one else has a spare key to your place – or at least no one that can reach you in a reasonable time – you might just need to call the experts. While it’s not the best way to start your day, locking yourself out of your home is par for the course now and again, and you’ll usually be able to jimmy a window open or otherwise get back into your home. However, there are times when even that isn’t an option and there’s not going to be anything you can do but find lower costing locksmiths operating in your area and give them a call. The good news is this isn’t a problem that should take long to fix at all. Once the locksmith comes, you’ll be able to enter your home in a matter of minutes. All that’s left to do then is to change your locks if they were damaged in the process of opening them. If not – you’re free to go about your day and laugh about it in the future.

2. Breaking Your Keys

You might be the biggest klutz who ever lived, or you could just be really unlucky – but no matter what’s caused your keys to break apart into fragments that are now impossible for you to hold onto, you’ll need a locksmith. Of course, which locksmith you hire is important. You want to look for someone that’s reliable, professional, and can get the job done quickly. If they’re only partially broken, like if they’ve simply snapped in half and part of it is still functional, you might be able to replace the key part and avoid having to replace the entire lock. If they’re completely unrepairable, or if a part of the key is firmly stuck within the lock, don’t worry – getting replacements is easy enough. All you’ll need is to wait for a locksmith to come to take off your old locks so that new ones can be installed in their place.

3. Losing Your Keys

This is a problem that tends to happen when people are in a hurry or distracted. Maybe you stuck your keys into a pocket and then forgot about them, or maybe you were juggling a bunch of stuff and your keys fell out somewhere along the way without you even noticing it. Either way, if you can’t find your keys anywhere, you should definitely try to look in all the obvious places – like your bed, under rugs, closet shelves, dark corners of closets/hallways/rooms that rarely get looked at, etc. If you keep looking but can’t find your keys anywhere after an hour or so, it’s probably time to call a locksmith. Even if you can call a friend or a family member to lend you their copy of the key – it’s still a good idea to change the locks. Maybe you simply lost them, or maybe someone stole them. Either way, you don’t want a copy of your house keys unaccounted for, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

6 Problems You Will Need A Locksmith For - key

4. A Messy Breakup

Unfortunately, even when you start building your life with someone, things don’t always work out. If it was a messy breakup, or the person leaving your home is currently in an unstable mindset, you might want to change your locks. Sure, this might seem like an overreaction, or like the last thing you want to worry about at the moment, but in the long run, it’ll save you a lot of headaches and problems in general. After all, this is someone’s key to your home we’re talking about here – what if they lose it, or give it away to somebody else? That’d be even worse than losing your own keys! Worst case scenario, they might try using their old key to break in – and if you’re not around, maybe do some damage to your property. You don’t want that, and there’s simply no point in risking it – people can react differently and unpredictably to emotional pain, so it’s best to ensure your safety before all else.

5. After A Break-In

If you haven’t taken care of your locks already in preparation for something like this, it’s time to be proactive. Think about it – if someone was able to break into your home once, they could do the same thing again. That means that not only are you at risk of further damage being done to your property, but also at risk of further damage being done to you. It’s not a good idea to take that risk, and you should definitely get your locks replaced as soon as possible if they were broken into by someone else or damaged in the process of breaking and entering (or exiting, more likely). This might also be a good time to consider installing deadbolt locks and reinforced doors and windows to improve the security of your home even more.

6. Moving Into A New Place

Whether you’ve bought your own place, or just rented out an apartment, you never know who else might have a copy of your house keys. Whether it’s just somebody from the apartment complex, or maybe even your landlord who could’ve given them out to family members, neighbors, etc – you should definitely change your locks once it’s just you and your family that occupies the house. It’s not only a good way to ensure that your house is safe and secure, but it’s also a good way to avoid trouble with the landlord or neighbors who had access before. Of course, if you’re renting the place, you need to check with your landlord and give them a copy of the new keys as well – but it’s a great way to ensure that you know exactly who has access to your home and when.

Of course, these are just a few examples of when you might want to change your locks – but there are so many various different reasons why you’d need a locksmith. Whether it’s due to damage or wear and tear, or maybe even changing the type of lock as you move into a new place, having too many keys floating around is a bad idea. It’s a lot easier to simply change your locks once and not have to worry about it. So next time you’re in the market for new house keys or just need some help with your locks – consider hiring a professional locksmith!

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