Some things in our lives are more and some less important. Having clean, high-quality water should definitely be one of our top priorities, however, some people take this issue for granted. Unfortunately, this has become an issue all over the world. Many countries across the globe are experiencing problems with contaminated water and some of them are not even sure how to cope with it. The fact is that as individuals we cannot control the entire world, however, what we can do is monitor the situation at our home.

Handyman Solutions That Prevent Your Water Supply From Being Contaminated

Don’t just assume that your water is clean and safe to drink cause you can never be too sure. So if you want to ensure that everything is fine and simply improve the quality of the water, scroll down to see what you can do about it!

How To Maintain Water Quality?

Keep an eye on your plumbing – Do you have lead pipes in your house? How old are they? If they are too old then maybe you should consider purchasing brand-new and get rid of the old ones? Why is this important? Well, it’s because lead from pipes can easily contaminate the water which can cause some serious health issues, starting from high blood pressure, impacting kidney function to developmental problems in kids. Therefore, you shouldn’t think twice when it comes to this. You may not notice anything negative for the time being, but keep in mind that long-term exposure to copper can affect both your kidney and liver.

Cleaning solutions and eco-friendly soaps – Now, this is by far one of the easiest things you can do to keep your water clean. Most local stores in your area are probably equipped with natural soaps, as well as different cleaning solutions. Purchasing any of these things could help you maintain high-quality of your water due to the fact that they do not contain any hazardous synthetic chemicals. One of the things that should be avoided at all costs is triclosan. It stands for an antibacterial and antifungal agent that can be seen in a variety of products such as, soaps, surgical cleaning products, toothpaste, and many others.

Don’t forget filtering! –One of the best protectors when it comes to your water is definitely filtering. If you are not sure how to do it, there are various water filtration guides online that give an insight into different filtration systems, etc. Why is this so important?

As we stated above, filtering will protect you against numerous contaminants that are passing through the local utility. If you are considering this option, it’s worth mentioning that two alternatives can be utilized.

  • A whole-house filter (it includes whole-house water softeners, whole-house UV water disinfection units, whole-house water filters)
  • A point-of-use filter (it includes in-unit refrigerator filters, filtration pitchers, under-sink filtration systems, faucet-mounted filters)

Handyman Solutions That Prevent Your Water Supply From Being Contaminated - glass of water

What  Else?

Boil your water – If by any chance you notice that something is wrong with your water, that it has been potentially exposed to something harmful then the best thing you can do is to boil it. Why is this a good idea? Now, this is something many communities have been doing for decades, especially when they suspect water contamination. Furthermore, this process helps you get rid of all those dangerous elements that make your water unsafe to consume.

Soften – What does this really mean? It refers to removing minerals from the water supply that is arriving directly into your house. Now, this is something that cannot be easily spotted unless the water leaves a white residue. There are several benefits from them including the ones we can and cannot see. For instance, your water will smell and taste better, plus there will be less wear on your water-consuming appliances as well as your plumbing. Besides, those of you who have never showered in soft water will get to experience something new and amazing. Your skin will suddenly become silkier and cleaner of course.

Clean the containers – You could acquire the best filtration system and have the cleanest water in the world but it will all be for nothing if your container is not clean. Once that occurs, your water will no longer be safe to drink. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about water bottles or household pitchers, having them all cleaned up is of great relevance! All you have to do is to put a few drops of dish detergent into clean water and then pour it into the container. Leave this mixture for approximately thirty minutes and then rinse it with water.

Generally speaking, a lot of countries have provided their citizens with water (that comes out of the tap) that is safe to drink, however, there are still some parts of the world where this issue hasn’t been solved yet. Since none of these alternatives are difficult to do, make sure to implement them.