Why & How to Prevent Mold Growth in Las Vegas Homes

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Some molds are good when they grow outdoors; they help to decompose dead trees and serve other environmental purposes. And although mold is mostly outdoors, it can grow inside the home under certain situations. However, you can prevent mold growth in your home.

Why & How to Prevent Mold Growth in Las Vegas Homes

This article discusses ways to prevent mold growth and why you have to do this. Knowing what mold is and how it can get into the home is also as important as knowing how to prevent it. So, below, we will give a brief explanation of the term mold.

Definition of Mold

Mold is a term that describes 100,000 types of fungi that grow on and around wet or moist organic matters. Read this article for a list of the most common types of mold and fungi. Mold spreads very fast when there is excess moisture. They are also very tiny that it would take about 250,000 mold spores to fully cover a pinhead. They are airborne and also microscopic, that is, naked eyes cannot see them.

How Does Mold Grow

Mold thrives wherever there is moisture. So, if spores fall on any wet area in the house, then, mold may begin to grow in that area. Apart from moisture, the other requirements for the growth of molds are:

  • Oxygen
  • Low temperature
  • An organic matter like wallpaper, dust, dirt, and drywall backing.

When one spore starts to grow, it can become a new colony in a matter of days.

Why Do You Need To Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home

You may be very nonchalant about these microscopic fungi growing in your home, especially when they are growing in places that aren’t really in use, like the basement. This should not be so because these tiny guys can pose some health hazards when inhaled by a person. When molds grow outdoors, they are usually not so toxic, but they can be very toxic when they grow inside because their growth is more concentrated. Therefore, instead of waiting for them to grow, you can simply take some preventive measures to prevent their growth.

Molds can also cause asthma attacks, allergies, and increase one’s susceptibility to flu and colds. However, the health risk involved with exposure to molds is often based on the person. This is because; some persons are more sensitive to molds. The reaction a person that is sensitive to molds can get from being exposed to molds ranges from skin and eye irritation to something more threatening like lung infections and severe asthma attacks. According to a Mayo Clinic Study carried out in 1999, molds can cause a chronic sinus infection. You can read this article https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/1999/09/990910080344.htm to find out more about this. Chronic sinus is said to infect about 37 million Americans annually. Recent studies have also found that molds are linked to the higher rate of asthma. Now that we know how molds grow and how they can affect one’s health, let’s discuss how to prevent its growth in the home.

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How to Prevent Mold Growth in the Home

Since it has already been established that molds grow due to moisture, you can prevent its growth with the following precaution methods…

1. Dry Your Rooms with a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier removes moisture and significantly reduces the chances of mildew and molds growth. They also make the air in the room feel cooler, this further helps to curb the growth of these bad boys.

2. Clean up Water as Fast as Possible

You need to clean spilled water off any surface as fast as you can. You may forget to clean the water if you do not clean it up as fast as possible. Leaving the water to dry up by itself will result in moisture and create a breeding spot for spores.

3. Speed up the Carpet-Drying Procedure

If you use carpets then you may create a breeding spot for spores if you spill water on the carpets. However, accidents that can result in water spilling on your carpets can happen at any time. In which case, you would need to clean up the carpet. But, carpets take a long time to dry off, and the longer the moisture remains, the more you make your floor susceptible to mold growth. So, how do you make the process faster? Simple, use a fan, keep it running round the clock for a week or even longer, depending on how much water was spilled. Note that the carpet may look dry and fine but may retain moisture on the inside. So, keep the fans rolling for as long as possible.

4. Sanitize Your Baseboards and Walls

If storm water touches anything, ensure to sanitize that thing. Also, occasionally use water and soap to clean your walls and household surfaces. Afterward, mix one gallon of water and chlorine bleach, then, use the solution to sanitize all the cleaned surfaces.

5. Check the Furniture

Your furniture may be hiding water damage. This is why you need to thoroughly inspect your home for water damage by lifting the furniture. If you find water spills and any water issues during your inspection, then you need to dry it by either using a fan or if the damage is a bit more severe; you may rent a dry/wet vacuum.

6. Steam Clean Your Flooring and Carpet

Regularly steam clean your carpets; this will help to deodorize and sanitize them to reduce the chances of molds growing on them. If you already have molds in your home then you would need to employ a mold removal company. For a sum, they will have your home completely free of molds. And you can do the preventive measures discussed in this article to prevent their reoccurrence. You may visit PrecisionMoldRemoval.com to find out where to get the best mold removal services. Remember, fungi growing in the home can cause health hazards, and so they have to be treated as urgently as you would treat any other infestation.


Molds growing in the home can result in some health issues, especially for people who are very sensitive to molds. So, preventing their growth is very important.

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