Things You Need To Do To Prepare Your Lawn For Spring

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Your lawn gives you a lot of pleasure and it is important that you take care of it as best as you can. Your lawn adds beauty to your home and it even improves the value of your home. A beautiful lawn provides you with a safe place for your family and pets and the lawn gives you everything you need to enjoy the warm months of summer. During the winter months your lawn is dormant and you don’t have to do anything to it, but as spring approaches it is important to start preparing your lawn for when it starts to turn green again.

Things You Need To Do To Prepare Your Lawn For Spring

Read on to learn the top things you need to do to get your lawn ready for spring.

Repair And Reseed Your Lawn

If you have bare patches in your lawn or parts of your lawn are looking thin, now is the time to seed the lawn so you can have a lawn that is totally green in the spring. You can find patch and repair seed products that include the dirt and the seeds. You just have to lay down the patching product and it is going to be easy to get the lawn you need.

Once the spring rains come in the seeds are going to germinate and make your grass look lush and green again. You might also want to lay seed down over your entire lawn so you end up with new growth. This will depend on how thin your lawn already looks. Repairing your lawn is very important because you have the best chance to get the new growth established when you add more seed in the spring. Summer gets too hot and it is difficult to seed your lawn once summer sets in.

Spring is the best time to work on your lawn and you can expect your lawn to look amazing once spring arrives. When you are ready to take care of your yard you always want to focus on your lawn so you can keep it looking its best. Your lawn is a big part of your home and you want it to look as good as possible.

Start Watering Early

If you aren’t getting enough rain in the spring you will want to hand water your lawn a few times a week once the weather starts warming up. While it will be too early to turn on the sprinklers, it is okay to start giving your lawn the water it is going to need to grow strong. Hopefully, nature will provide the water but you never know what kind of spring you are going to have and you also need to make sure that your lawn gets enough water.

When the ground starts to feel dry add more water until your lawn gets all of the water it is going to need. Watering is one of the best things you can do for your lawn when spring is coming because the water is going to help make the lawn grow. You want to make sure that your lawn is going to be in great shape and watering can help that happen. Your lawn needs a lot of water to grow and if you have added seed, it is important that the seed stays moist so you don’t have to worry about the seed not sprouting the way that it is supposed to.

Things you need to do to prepare your lawn for spring - watering

Make sure that you don’t add too much water when you are starting to water by hand. If you add too much water the roots could rot and that is going to be very bad for your lawn. You have to find the balance between enough and too much water.

Don’t Forget To Fertilize

When your lawn is leaving its dormant stage it is very important that it has the right nutrients to grow strong and survive. You need to make sure that you start fertilizing right at the beginning of spring or when the weather starts to warm up again so your lawn is going to have the right nutrients to grow strong. You have to make sure that you find the right fertilizer and you also want to follow the directions so you end up with the right amount of fertilizer on your lawn. Also, be very careful not to over fertilize your because you’ll destroy the grass.

Fertilizing on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do for your lawn and it is going to ensure that your lawn gets all of the nutrition it needs to be strong and healthy. Your lawn is going to look great in the spring when the fertilizer starts to work. If you don’t fertilize your lawn it is not going to look as green or as beautiful as it could. It is crucial that you add fertilizer to your lawn so it reaches its potential.

Aerate Your Lawn

It is also important to aerate your lawn in the spring. This ensures that the roots have air and space and it gets rid of thatch and other problems. Your lawn won’t be so compacted and it will grow better when you take the time to aerate the lawn. You can have a professional lawn company do this for you and you can also do it yourself. In a pinch you can even walk around the lawn in cleats that will punch holes into the lawn.

You need to make sure that your lawn gets air and aerating your lawn is the best way to make this happen. Aerate your lawn once a year if you want to get the best results for your lawn. Your lawn is going to grow a lot better when you aerate the lawn.

As winter ends and spring comes along it is going to be crucial to take care of your lawn by giving it the care it needs to ensure that it is going to get off to a good start once spring comes. Your lawn is a huge asset and you want to keep it looking as good as possible, with the proper lawn care.

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    Thatch is a problem for warm-season lawns. It can suffocate your lawn, blocking the access of water, oxygen, and nutrients to the roots. Spring is the best time to remove excess thatch.