How To Effectively Prepare Your Property Before A New Tenant Rents It

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Renting your spacious property or your spare house is one clever way of obtaining a passive income. However, you have to also be a responsible landlord or landlady and give your renters the best possible experience of your home or space. They have to feel comfortable inside the four walls of your property to continue living there and get your income coming month per month. Of course, tenants will not stay in your home forever and new ones would want to find solace in it. When they move out you will be left with a space that still wreaks of their presence.

How To Effectively Prepare Your Property Before A New Tenant Rents It

So the dilemma is, how do you fix your house to make the guy, gal, or family feel welcome when they open the door? Please read on for some tips and tricks of how you can transform your house to feel homey again for the newcomer.

What To Do To Make Your Rental Home Livable Again?

Another tenant has found its way to your doors, how do you prepare your home for them? Follow these simple suggestions on how to make your new renter feel at home in your humble abode.

Do a Walk-Through

You will never know what to do if you don’t know what needs to be done. An hour of checking the nooks and crannies of your property would give you an idea of the things that need to be repaired, replaced, and thrown out. It would also be good that as you check everything in the house, you have a pen and paper to write your to-do list. Or you could just record it on your phone or log into the notepad. Either way, you need to have a comprehensive list of things you would need to change for the activity to be fruitful.

Arrange for Repairs to be Made

Damages and repairs are inevitable especially when the home has been used for years. You have to hire someone who can do the carpentry, plumbing, painting, electrical, and what-nots in your property. Handyman London recommends hiring a team that can do all the repairs and odd jobs you want for your property. It will be a hassle to talk to multiple contractors when you also have your work and personal matters to attend to. Using just one company or contractor to do the job would also ensure the safety of your home. It would be more convenient to give all the instructions to one point person and make requests if you have additional works and back job requests.

Take Care of Health and Safety Issues First

The two most important things that you have to take care of when preparing your property for the next renter is the safety and health aspects of your home. The safety of the property and the renter is of utmost importance as well as their wellbeing. So ensure that all doors, windows, and any other openings in the home have durable and working locks, the electrical wirings are properly concealed and safeguarded, no mold or mildews are running around walls and ceilings, and other health and safety concerns that need to be dealt with. 

Clean The Property

Of course, nothing could beat the holiness of a clean and neat property. After all, the repairs have been finished and some of the changes that you want to be done are made, the next step is to make sure that everything’s squeaky clean for your new resident. Sanitize the whole area for the occupant of the place and that the bathroom is cleaned including the toilet and the tub. The refrigerator should have been defrosted and all its contents have been removed. Check that it doesn’t smell odd. Put activated charcoal in it if it smells but be sure to take it before the tenant arrives. Also, check that the stove is cleaned and working perfectly.

How To Effectively Prepare Your Property Before A New Tenant Rents It - living room

Secure the Basic Amenities

Water, electricity, heat, and the thermostat of the property must all be working. Ask for an inspection of these systems to be sure that there are no leaks or issues that may not be visible to the naked eye that is still left unattended. Electricity is a big concern because faulty wiring can not only endanger your tenant but also damage or even burn your property to the ground. Also, make certain that all faucets, showers, and other water utilities are in perfect condition.

Reset All the Passcodes

Your doors’ locks need to be changed or re-keyed and passcodes have to be reset right after the previous tenant has moved out. You can share the key with the contractor that will be working on the property but reset it again before the next resident arrives. Be sure that you have spare keys for the property and inform the new renter that if passcodes or locks have been changed to inform you of it.

Check All The Equipment

Inspect the remotes of your devices, garage, security system, and other amenities. You have to make sure that all of it is working a week before the move-in happens, so you’ll have time to have it repaired or purchase a replacement. All electrical conduits and sockets must also be inspected and electrical equipment is safe for use and will not bring any trouble for the resident or your property.

Attend to Any Tenant Specific Requests

Your tenant may have asked you for something to be taken care of before the move-in date. So go through it and see to it that they have been dealt with or accomplished. Requests about health and security must be your top priority especially when you have a tenant that has severe allergic reactions to specific things in the property like carpet, dust, or flower pollen. Preparing your home for the next resident will is easier and much more efficient if you do a run-through and meticulously check all the corners of your house including equipment and furnishings. Of course, there are things that you can’t do so ask for help accordingly. But whatever changes you make on the property, concerns about health and safety should be number one on your list.

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