How To Prepare Your House To Be Comfortable Enough For Your Senior Ones

Every house is a beautiful place. A house is where different generations live together, memorable moments are created, and stories are written. If your house has many residents, you probably already know what we are talking about. The fun element in a house proliferates if you have a senior individual living there.

How To Prepare Your House To Be Comfortable Enough For Your Senior Ones

They have a lot to share from their times, and they can guide you better than anybody else with their long and full experience.

Is Your House Comfortable & Safe For A Senior Citizen

With old age, senior citizens need a lot of support from you. You must be providing them with all the care, love, and support, but there are things that you may miss out on. A lot of old people incur injuries due to poor house conditions or lack of convenience in the house. Is your house completely safe for an old individual? If your answer is no, there are a series of things you can do with your home to make it comfortable and safe for the person you love the most.

Here’s What You Can Do

Without any further ado, let us check out some of the best ways you can do so:

Improve Lighting

Poor lighting conditions can be hazardous. Even if the senior one will live in care, they still need good lighting in and around the house. Not only can it lead to trips and falls, but it can also cause damage to the eyes. It is especially true for senior citizens who may have difficulty in seeing. Therefore, one of the first things you can do to eliminate risks is to install better and brighter lights everywhere right from the entrance to each room in your house. This change will also make your interior look better.

Replace Stairs

Most senior people face difficulties while navigating stairs, therefore, you should try to avoid stairs everywhere possible. Leading up to the front door, use an inclined walkway in place of stairs. In case, you cannot replace stairs inside your house, make sure to give the senior person room on the ground floor. There are some families where seniors are active and don’t avoid stairs For them, you can use steady handrails and nonslip treads to avoid any chances of falls. This way, they can move across the house and outside without any risk.

How To Prepare Your House To Be Comfortable Enough For Your Senior Ones - living room

Finish Bathroom Risks

The bathroom is a hotspot for the accident, isn’t it? Senior people who may be experiencing joint or back issues are quite vulnerable to falls. To make the bathroom safe, you can start by replacing the slippery tiles with some kind of rough-stone flooring. You can also use nonslip mats. Besides that, you can place a shower chair in the bathroom for easy baths. Also, grab bars can be installed to help the person with standing up and sitting down. In case, there is also a bathtub, consider having a bench or bar to ease up the stepping in and stepping out of the tub. These changes in the bathroom will definitely help reduce the risk of getting hurt.


Some senior people have problems with walking, and for them, even a flat surface may be difficult to walk on. The best solution, in this case, is a wheelchair. It does not mean they have to be in a wheelchair all the time. But, every time they feel the need, it is great to have one at hand. With a wheelchair, there would not be any fear of falls, trips, or exhaustion, and most importantly, the senior one can join you everywhere.

Keep A Check Of Their Personal Products

A worn-out or bad footwear is a common cause of injuries, and so is a faulty razor. Senior people need their products and accessories to be in tip-top shape, and you must make it certain. Replace their slippers or sliders when needed, and do the same with their razors, toothbrush, and specs. This good habit will ascertain that they are safe and sound everywhere.

It’s a blessing to have a senior citizen in the house. A part of your responsibility towards him/her is to ensure that they always remain in good health. Besides helping them maintain a proper diet and healthy routine, there are a series of changes you can make in the home to make it all comfortable and risk-free for them. From mini changes in their rooms to crucial ones in the bathroom, these steps will prove to be very useful for your loved one.

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