Is A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Worth It?

Properties being sold with pre-existing defects is a big issue in Australia. This will happen when a seller is not aware of an issue and thus the buyer is not informed. These issues will sometimes be major structural defects which can pose a great risk to the health and safety of the buyers and anyone who enters the property. Major issues are expensive to fix, and in many cases are also extremely difficult to have dealt with properly.

Is A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Worth It

Because of this, it is imperative to have a pre-purchase inspection completed on any potential property prior to buying it. This will allow you to be confident in the safety and structural integrity of your new property before you agree to purchase it and sign any contracts.

Verify Before You Buy

Once you have bought a property the seller is not liable for any defects discovered. This means once you have made the payment or even signed the contract agreement to purchase the property, any issue found will be your responsibility. Because of this, it is vital to get a pre-purchase inspection done on the property prior to buying it. After you have purchased it you will need to repair any issues found on the property, which can cost you money you weren’t expecting to spend. The purchase of a house is already a major expense so the last thing you need is any further unexpected costs.

Pre-existing defects can be identified and these unnecessary costs can be avoided by employing a certified professional to conduct a pre-purchase inspection. This will mean you are able to buy a property with peace of mind that you are making a fully informed decision, and the seller is not taking advantage of you.

All pre-purchase building inspections must cover certain required items to be compliant with the Australian Standard of Building Inspections. This means any building inspection you receive from a qualified building inspector will be up to industry standards. However, all buildings are different and require varying levels of expertise. Because of this, larger and more complex properties may require longer inspections in order to cover all bases. Due to this, the cost of a building inspection will vary based on both the size and location of your property. However, peace of mind knowing you have covered all your bases is well worth the cost of a pre-purchase building inspection, and if issues are found it will have saved you lots of money down the track.

What Goes Into a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection?

The purpose of a pre-purchase building inspection is to identify any significant problems with a building’s safety, or any issues which may reduce the value of a property. This includes any issues which would render the building unfit to live in, or unfit for commercial uses. Building inspections must be done by a licenced, qualified inspector. They will find any major safety issues, any structural defects, and any further issues of note. Pre-purchase building inspections are conducted in accordance with Australian building standards in order to ensure you are making an informed decision while entering the major financial commitment of purchasing a property. A pre-purchase inspection is one way of ensuring you are fully protected when entering into the purchase of a property.

Is A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Worth It - inspector

When completing a pre-purchase building inspection, the inspector will do a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of your building. They pay particular attention to areas where issues are commonly found, specifically defects which are often hidden. This includes any structural issues or other major defects to the building. A pre-purchase building inspection is a very thorough process, and thus it takes up to two hours to complete, depending on the size of the building. The inspector will pay close attention to every part of the building. This includes:

  • Stumps, footings and concrete slabs
  • Roof, including the frame and internal elements that are able to be reached
  • Gutters and downpipes
  • Building façade and external walls
  • Internal walls
  • Flooring in building
  • Doors in all areas of the building
  • Windows, including window frames and glass panes
  • Plumbing and electrical overview
  • Cabinetry in building
  • Any extensions on the building
  • Outside features such as paving, retaining walls, external structures, pools
  • Balconies and patio areas
  • Stairs, both external and internal
  • Fences on property
  • Any out buildings such as sheds on the property

During this inspection the inspector will complete a visual analysis of all features on the property, as well undergo tests using state of the art equipment. This ensures they are able to fully assess the quality and condition of the building in line with Australian standards. In addition to all of this, pre-purchase building inspections can involve looking for any potential issues the buyer is concerned about such as undergoing a termite and pest inspection. After undergoing a thorough investigation of the property, the inspector will complete a property condition report to provide to the potential buyers.

The Benefits of a Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Hiring a licenced professional to do a pre-purchase building inspection has many benefits which make it worth the expense. By having an expert inspect potential properties, buyers are able to make financial and property decisions efficiently and accurately. This will impact not only which property they choose, but improve their financial future by altering them of flawed properties to avoid. This helps ensuring that the final choice of which property to buy will be a sound investment.

It may be tempting to save money by avoiding the initial pre-purchase building inspection cost, however can cost you much more down the line. By having a licenced profession conduct your pre-purchase building inspection you will have the assurance that your property is safe and doesn’t have major flaws that will require costly repairs. Investing in a pre-purchase building inspection has many benefits, from enabling well-informed financial decision making, fulfilling legal requirements, giving peace of mind, and ensuring there is not hidden damage in your building which could cause injury or further expenses.

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