What You Need for All Your Power Washing Needs  

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Power washing or pressure washing is a very efficient way of cleaning hard surfaces including cars, boats, concrete floors, and the exteriors of houses. However, if you haven’t used this cleaning technique before, you might not be able to do it right the first time. Power washers spray water at very high pressures to remove stains, old paint, and mold, and they can cause damage to certain surfaces if they are not used correctly. This is why before using a pressure cleaner, you need to do some research and know how to choose the right device and what to do with it.

What You Need for All Your Power Washing Needs

Read on to learn some basic tips you need to bear in mind before using a pressure washer.

Determining the Kind to Get

There are two types of pressure washers: gas and electric. Each type comes with its pros and cons as well as its different uses, so choosing the kind of pressure washer you can use comfortably entirely depends on your needs. Electric pressure washers will have fewer maintenance issues and their engines don’t require gas maintenance either. However, their gas counterparts boast higher pressure and are faster in removing stains. The latter is also more portable and works without cords, so you can take them anywhere without having to look for a power outlet. The only problem with gas-powered pressure washers is that they can be very loud and they also produce emissions, which can be challenging if you plan to use them indoors or in closed areas.

Sizes and Engines

Before you make your purchase, you need to find out what size of engine you will need for your pressure washing. If you know your ABCs about engines, you are probably already aware that the power produced by any machine depends on the size of its engine. So you might want to consider bigger pressure washers. You will need to know enough about the units of pressure provided by every size of these machines.

What You Need for All Your Power Washing Needs - washing

The manufacturers at directpowerdeals.com explain the four-engine size categories and the units of pressure provided by each category through their pressure washing tips. Knowing how much power you are going to need from your machine is very important in your quest of finding the right one. Most people go for medium-duty pressure washers, as they are ideal for cleaning the sides of houses, garage doors, and fences and they provide pressure levels ranging from 2000PSI to 2800PSI.

Pressure Washer Nozzles

After choosing the size of your pressure washer’s engine and determining how much pressure you need, you will need to choose the type of your pressure washer nozzle, which controls the angle of the water sprayed and affects how the surface you are aiming at gets cleaned. Nozzles are colored universally based on their sizes and angles. For example, nozzles with red tips have the smallest openings and provide narrow angles for the water stream.

Choosing and optimizing your pressure washer will help you use it correctly based on your cleaning demands. You will also get the best results using the right nozzle and carrying around the right size of pressure washer if you want to optimally clean stained areas. It may not be an easy task to use a pressure washer but once you know the basics, you will be surprised by how effective it is in cleaning floors and large surfaces that can’t be washing using conventional methods.

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