Why Choose Polyiso Insulation for Your Building?

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Polyisocyanurate, or polyiso, is a type of board insulation that is closed cell and rigid. The insulation is bonded on either side with facers that are made of different materials, both inorganic and organic. This insulation is used in wall, ceiling, roof, and other building applications. It is used for all types of buildings, being the material of choice for builders who want to remain energy-conscious.

Why Choose Polyiso Insulation for Your Building

There are good reasons to use Toronto polyiso insulation in your home.

Highest Thermal Efficiency

The insulation has the highest R-value for every inch in comparison to other products available for construction. By choosing polyiso, you are choosing the most effective thermal insulation available. The product has the highest rating for long-term thermal resistance. The high thermal performance will mean that you can benefit from energy efficiency. An energy-efficient building will help to ensure that you make energy savings in the future.

Great Dimensional Stability

When you choose polyiso insulation from Toronto for your roofing, you are choosing material that will retain its dimensions over time. This means that you will not have to deal with the issue of thermal bridges that can reduce energy efficiency. When used for walls, the rigid material will not collapse or deteriorate over time. With this, you will not have to deal with reduced thermal performance as the building ages.

Excellent Service Temperature

This product has a great service temperature. It can stand the highest and lowest temperatures without losing its physical characteristics. With a service temperature of between -73 and +122 degrees C (-100 to +250 degrees F), the product is very versatile. It is possible to use the insulation with hot bitumen or asphalt without adverse effects. The product remains stable over wide temperature ranges, making it very convenient for any type of roofing system.

Why Choose Polyiso Insulation for Your Building - polyiso

Convenient Product Dimensions

Polyiso is lightweight, making it easy to use and transport. It also has a constant thickness as well, meaning it’s ideal for different surfaces. The product’s low density makes it perfect for bonding to facers. It absorbs very little water and also transmits low vapor. This means that a building’s structure will not be easily compromised by adverse weather. This product is designed for use in different code-compliant applications.

Fire-Resistant Qualities

Polyiso is highly rated when it comes to fire tests. In addition to meeting building code requirements, this product meets the highest standard criteria for this, with excellent performance in fire tests. Homeowners can be confident that their buildings are relatively safe in case of fire. This makes the product ideal for use in commercial buildings where high temperatures are involved. When properly protected, polyiso insulation is not affected by insecticides. Fertilizers or oil-based waterproofing solutions will also not affect it. The product is compatible with most of the solvents that are used in construction. Polyiso insulation products are readily available. They are also widely used in the Toronto region. They are cost-effective with great versatility as well as a low cost per R-value. They have also been cited for their favorable impact on the environment. Thanks to these products, builders can experience peace of mind.

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