Great Plumbing Tips for Beginners

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There are countless homeowners that can easily do some DIY plumbing work alone. Minor plumbing issues are not at all difficult to fix. You can easily end up saving hundreds when you take care of plumbing problems alone. However, whenever you feel that you are in way over your head, it is time to contact specialists like Fix It Right Plumbing. Making wrong moves can easily lead to more damage that would be really expensive to fix.

Great Plumbing Tips for Beginners

Fortunately, you can easily do some DIY plumbing work alone. Here are some tips to help you out right now.

Replace Your Faucet Or Toilet Parts Alone

You can end up faced with problems if you take apart the pipes under the shower or sink alone but not much damage can be done when you replace the cartridge of a faucet or the flapper of a toilet. It is really common to see worn flappers in a home. They cause leaks. Replacing them is much simpler than you might think. With faucets, many of the modern ones are easily repaired by simply replacing the whole interior. A new cartridge is added. You just need to remove some screws and the job can be done with ease.

Remove Clogs Without Using Chemicals

When you have clearing problems with your drains, you can avoid chemical, expensive drain cleaners. Using the drain snake is something that is really easy to do. All you have to do is put in the snake and then pull it back out. When you do not really want to hassle with the drain snake, you can always use a dry/wet shop vacuum that is capable of sucking out the entire clog.

Great Plumbing Tips for Beginners - fixing faucet

Analyze The Showerhead

You can so easily utilize thread tape in order to fix the showerhead when it drips. Usually, a showerhead drip happens because threads are not tightly connected. You just need to unscrew your showerhead and then put on some new wrapping. Add the tape through a clockwise wrapping direction and stop your drip as you reattach the showerhead. When you have to deal with a clogged showerhead, use warm water in a bowl and add some vinegar. Wait for around one hour. Take a smaller brush and loosen mineral deposits with it when they cause spray blockages.

Thread Tape For Sealing Compounds

You can easily use pipe dope, which is a thread sealing compound. This material smears and drips. In so many DIY projects that involve pipe threads, the use of thread tape is simply all that you need. Multi-purpose tape is available in all plumber shops and tends to be white. The thicker yellow one is used for gas. Thicker options can be utilized if you have trouble handling the thinner tape. As you wrap thread tape, be sure that you use a clockwise motion. Rotate around threads. If you cannot get into tight spaces, wrap tape around a simple pan. Apply from that pen. The tape needs to be wrapped around 3 times in order to get the best possible results. More is not a good idea with thread tape.

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