10 Practical Plumber Marketing Ideas to Increase Leads Online

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The average plumber has a tough time coming up with marketing ideas. After all, most plumbers are too busy running their business and servicing clients to think about marketing. But marketing is one of the aspects of a business that you don’t realize until you’re running out of resources. So, the best time to think about marketing is during the times where you thought you don’t need it.

10 Practical Plumber Marketing Ideas to Increase Leads Online

Plumbing is an industry where you can find a decent amount of clients if you target them in the right way. In this post, we’ll walk you through the ten practical marketing ideas to boost your leads online.

1. Get a Website

Perhaps, one of the first things that you need to do these days is to create a functional website that attracts customers. A website improves your visibility online and increases trust and credibility over time. Plan your design and lay-out the right way, so that it appeals to your target customers. Also, ensure that all your contact information is there, like your current address, email, and contact number.

2.  Claim Your Google My Listing Profile

Most users will head straight to Google Search or Google Maps. For local businesses,  Google My Business listings are crucial because it is also where Google Maps is linked. To improve your presence in Maps, claim your Google My Business listing. Then, complete all your information on your Google My Business profile. After which, Google utilizes the information that you gave in the profile to show your listing to users who are searching locally.

3.  Create Service Pages Optimized for Plumbers

If you want to optimize the blog page of your site, long-tail keywords are essential. In its most basic form, long-tail keywords are more than three words long and are highly specific and targeted. Moreover, they’re easier to rank for because these keywords are less competitive. Optimize your blog pages for long-tail keywords that have research intent rather than purchase intent. For instance, you can create a particular keyword phrase that’s highly specific, like “how to unclog a toilet.” Then, in the end, place a call-to-action like, “Need help with unclogging your toilet? Contact us now.”

4. Develop a DIY Guide

Why not create a do-it-yourself guide for some common household problems homeowners encounter and could address themselves? These resources can be a series of blog posts, an explainer Youtube video, infographics, and so on. The best practice is always to create high-quality content. When people find the resources you gave them useful, they’ll be much aware of your business. Also, they are more likely to get in touch for more significant, non-DIY projects. You may run the risk of losing smaller jobs by teaching people how to do things on their own. However, over time, your authority and credibility will increase. When you already have people’s trust, it will lead to better opportunities in the future.

5. Collaborate With Your Local Home Improvement Contractor

Why not get in touch with your local home improvement, and ask if you can give a presentation to the staff in the plumbing department? As much as you can, make the entire presentation informative and educational. Give something of value. Build trust and professionalism, so that whenever their customer asks for a referral, they’re more than willing to give your name.

10 Practical Plumber Marketing Ideas to Increase Leads Online - plumber

6. Hire an Expert to Manage Your Social Media Wisely

So you’ve probably heard about the amazing benefits social media can do for your business. But have you tried using these social media channels to their full potential? In this highly digital age, social media is something that you should be deeply be involved in. Initially, it might take time and effort, but it’s all worth it in the end. So you need to build a strong presence on social media, better yet, hire an expert.

7. Leverage Online Reviews as Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Providing excellent service and building a great reputation online takes years of hard work. Here’s the thing, 90 percent of consumers look up reviews online, and 94 percent of them would choose a business that has over a 4-star review. Meaning, if you have a pissed off customer, there’s a chance that they’ll leave a bad review online. Bad reviews negatively impact your business, and you wouldn’t want that to happen. So, after your service is done well, ask the customer to leave their feedback on Yelp, Google, or Facebook. In your local listing, these reviews show up on search results. This highly influences customers’ decision whether or not they’ll choose you over your competitor.

8. “Work of Mouth” is Just as Important as “Word of Mouth”

To win the race, you also need to ignite your “work of mouth” marketing channel through highly strategic and targeted networking. Find people that have a high likelihood to be potential customers. For instance, make the time to attend developer, builder, and contracting conventions in your local area. Meet people, develop connections, and tell people what you do and what you’re all about. Take their business cards, set it aside, and contact them again in the future.

9. To Optimize Your ROI, Utilize a Marketing Scorecard

Marketing in your plumbing business shouldn’t be all guesswork. You need to know what type of advertising campaigns that are working well from the ones that don’t. A marketing scorecard will tell you which campaigns help you get the most leads, and will rank your campaigns by revenue as well. That way, you can make your business flourish in the most cost-effective way as possible.

10. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way for those searches to be beneficial to your plumbing business. The goal of SEO is to make your business website stand out on search results. These days, it isn’t enough that you set up a website. It must be improved and optimized to deliver and stand out on search engines like Google. Check out this Plumbing SEO Case Study. These plumbing marketing ideas are only good as you make of them. So find the time to apply implement them personally in your current marketing strategy to see the results.

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