What You Mustn’t Forget To Include When Planning A Family Kitchen

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We’ve all heard the expression that the kitchen is the heart of a home, but what does that really mean for you and your family? Should it be a space that you can cook great food in? Should you be able to sit down together and eat in it? Or should it be both? Well, of course it should be both of those things, but it can also be so much more than that, too. From a kitchen with top of the range cooking appliances and plenty of space for food prep, to a comfortable and welcoming space to sit down and enjoy good times with friends and family, when working with an experienced kitchen designer, you can have all of that, and more.

family in the kitchen

You can create a space that has something for everyone; from a coffee station or bar for the adults, to a slick and functional food station for budding chefs, or area for the kids to sit down quietly and do their homework, a family kitchen can and should, incorporate all of these things, and here are a few ideas for your new family-friendly kitchen:

A kitchen/diner

Most families spend a lot of time in the kitchen (or at least they would if they had the right kind of kitchen!), and so by focusing on making it a space in which everyone’s needs can be fulfilled, you can encourage everyone to get together in it more often, and enjoy their time in comfort. Creating a kitchen diner is one of the best ways of ensuring that the space is multi-functional and family-friendly, and with a nice big table to sit around, family meals or boardgame sessions, can become even more special.

A breakfast bar or island

Trends that still seem popular decades after they were created, kitchen islands and breakfast bars help to give you so much more seating and surface space in your kitchen, not to mention storage options, provided they’re designed well and installed professionally. Giving you a central hub around which to gather, these two timeless kitchen elements are a must for any family-friendly space.

father and kid in the kitchen

A spacious larder

You might associate larders and pantry’s with your grandparents, but these spaces have proven to be enduringly useful spaces within any modern kitchen design. Whether you opt for a built-in pantry or standalone larder, having somewhere to store all of your tinned and dried cooking goods can be so handy and save on space and clutter. 

Don’t forget a big fridge!

Lastly, but by no means least, a family kitchen simply can’t function without a fridge big enough to store all of the food your growing family are sure to get through during their time under your roof! Depending on your budget, you can opt for a fridge with all of the latest features, or go for size over fanciness. But whatever type of fridge you choose, make sure you have a space dedicated for it in your kitchen that will make accessing it convenient.

Working with a kitchen specialist in Reading can help you design the ideal kitchen for your family’s needs, and because every family’s needs are different, with their help, you can create a kitchen that meets those needs perfectly, and with great style.

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