A healthy garden, healthy life – Pine Fines vs. Natural Mulch

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To make your garden extraordinarily beautiful, you will always need the right guidance. And to do so one needs to have a deeper insight on Pine Fines vs. Natural Mulch.

Pine Fines vs. Natural Mulch

Here’s all of the basic information you need to know before selecting the necessary ingredients for your garden.


Mulch is the natural, organic material that is usually applied to the surface of the soil. Also, a natural mulch is the best mulch for vegetable garden. This is done to secure the moisture of the soil and to make it more fertile. Mulch also lessens weed growth. But one should always know what type of mulch is needed for his garden. Different plants need different mulch.

The natural, organic mulch usually includes living materials like grass clippings, straw, compost, paper needles, and shredded bark, etc. This material enhances the fertility of the soil and all you get afterward is charming attractive gardens with the healthiest plants. And this is where mulch scores higher than pine bark in the comparison i.e Pine Fines vs. Natural Mulch. But this is only possible if the right type of mulch is used.

Pine Fines

Pine fines are prepared from pine tree bark. These are soil amendments that are used for improving the capabilities of the soil. Pine tree bark is taken and processed into small, reasonable sized pieces. The product is not irregular like mulch and no dust particles are present in it. So Pine Fines take the trophy here vs Natural mulch. Pine fines are acidic as they are made from the breakdown of pine tree bark. Hence, it is best for plants that require an acidic medium for growth. Such as rhododendrons. Pine fines are best known for their attractive natural look, lightweight, and brown color.

Market and fertilizers

When one steps out in the market, he gets confused while selecting a product. The market offers a lot of fertilizers and soil amendments. One only knows what he needs but does not know what exactly should he get. If you know what each product brings to your garden you might face it easier while deciding to get one. And your knowledge on Pine Fines vs. Natural Mulch helps you here.  

What to use to get a perfect garden, Pine fines or Natural Mulch

To eliminate all of the confusion, we have prepared a list of some more details that you should see before you buy one. Get the one you think suits you and your garden the best.


Mulching is an essential part of every garden. It maintains the aesthetic beauty of the garden but this is not the only thing it is important for. Additionally, mulching keeps the fertility of the soil retained. Hence, mulching has very dominant usage. Following is a brief detail on Pine Fines vs. Natural Mulch.

Pine Fines vs. Natural Mulch - mulch

Pine Fines

These are acidic when they breakdown. Pine needs or straws are hence excellent for acidic plants. During the rainy days, they remain in contact with the soil and do not allow the rain to wash the fertility of the soil away. So the soil remains fertile and aesthetically beautiful. Basically. These are harvested from pine forests or are naturally shed by the pine trees. The pine needles breakdown slowly as compared to other types of organic mulches. So they are preferred for acidic plants.

Natural Mulch

Natural mulches involve several types such as:

Shredded hardwood: It is very less likely to be washed away. It is a by-product of the lumber and paper industry. It is longlasting and spreads easily hence is simple to use.

As the hardwood mulches breakdown, they raise the pH of the soil. Lessening the score of natural mulch vs. pine fines. This must be considered as it can damage the whole vegetation.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Pine and natural mulch:

  • They allow the soil to remain fertile. And make it easier for the nutrients to stay inside the soil.
  • Wood chips, forest fines, and colored and blend wood chips are included in the organic mulch. They decompose with time and add nutrients to the soil.
  • Hardwood mulch makes the soil more alkaline raising its pH. This risks the plant’s survival.
  • Some of these mulches might cost a bit expensive.
  • Pine bark is very suitable for formal gardens. They tend to make the garden more aesthetic.
  • Colored wood chips are more attractive and last even longer.
  • Colored mulches are as well wonderful to brighten up to the dull or dark spots of any garden.

As by now, you have had a clearer insight into Pine Fines vs. Natural Mulch. You must go and get your garden the best of what it needs. Satisfy your garden and satisfy yourself. Say goodbye to all worries about gardening. Hello to a healthy gardening life.

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