Facts about Pigeon Guano & how to get rid of them

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Pigeon guano is a health hazard when in really large amounts and can cause serious illnesses. In a way, it should be considered a positive attribute that pigeons prefer to poop in the same area because it makes monitoring the area so much easier, but when a Misa of pigeons are using the same area as a bathroom it can cause a problem.

Facts about Pigeon Guano & how to get rid of them

What makes it even trickier is that they cannot just be eliminated with a pest repellent or poison because they are protected by the Wildlife Act and a professional removal service would need to be called to assist, but what is pigeon guano and how can you get rid of it?

Hazardous excrements

Unlike regular bird droppings, pigeon guano is not a source of fertilizer at all so what is pigeon guano really? Well, the answer is simple. It’s a health hazard and one that shouldn’t be taken too lightly. It might have been harvested in the 18th century to use as fertilizer, but climates have changes and the previously useful nitrates are not useless and dangerous.

In small quantities, it can be controlled through certain preventative measures, but it can still cause illness so be cautious. They might be particular about where they poop, but they don’t really care about what they eat and will even pick off the manure of livestock, collecting any germs and infections that those animals might leave in their droppings and then transfer it through their guano onto your ledges, window sills or anywhere else that they feel comfortable enough to do their number 2.

Facts about Pigeon Guano & how to get rid of them - guano

Safeguarding your home

Keeping the pigeons away is the longer-term solution for getting rid of pigeon guano. Lots of people recommend different things that actually highlight how smart pigeons really are so the more sophisticated the prevention method, the better. They are considered to be the most intelligent of the bird family and although some of the prevention methods might seem extreme, they appeal to the intelligence of pigeons who are thought to be smart enough to carry out similar tasks to primates.

  • Reflective tape is a great and affordable way to help to keep birds away. The shimmering reflect and the sound waves that are created when the tape blows in the wind deter them from approaching the area.
  • Motion detector water sprinklers help to keep them off the grass or from trying to get a quick take away from another animal’s droppings.
  • Anti roosting spikes are common, but you will need a professional to come and install them because they can be dangerous and you can get hurt.
  • Anti pigeon spray is a cheap and very effective household repellent that can be sprayed around the areas that pigeons like to gather. By mixing chilli powder, vinegar and water, you can keep them from trying to move onto your property. This isn’t a long term solution so use this at least once a week to keep them at bay.

If there are still fog around what pigeon guano is and how to get rid of it and its creator, then call Coventry Pest Control for more information.

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