6 Pest Control Tips for Your Home

Domestic pests are a risk at any time of the year, but there are ways to combat the invasions. The following pest control tips focus on reducing the likelihood that your home will become a hotspot for bugs and other unwanted visitors. After all, a home should be a safe space that provides comfort and security.

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This can never be true if there are harmful insects or rodents claiming a spot too.

Stay on Top of Mess and Clutter

The number one factor leading to a pest infestation is dirt, mess, and clutter. If your house is not tidied or deep cleaned on a regular basis, this leaves plenty of dark corners for any manner of pest to take up residence. Carry out a daily schedule for the basic chores like washing up and rubbish removal, and make sure at least once a month the carpets, curtains, and ceilings are all thoroughly cleansed as well.

Have a Garden Maintenance Schedule

If your garden is overgrown and full of debris, you are more likely to see wasps nests, rats, and mice. These are very difficult to get rid of and will cause problems the closer they are to your main property. Rats and mice especially are always on the lookout for food and ways into the warmth during the cold months. Wasps are more random in their invasion tactics, but if you do spot a nest in the garden it is time to get tidied up and make it harder for them to settle in. Cut the grass, clear out the waste, and make sure your shed is all patched up and hole free.

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Know When to Call in the Experts

It is important to know that permanently removing pests isn’t easy. When you spot the signs, the only option is to call in the experts. You can try to do it by yourself, but the chance that they will just come back is higher. An expert will be able to give you the full rundown of the problem and provide effective solutions for eradication at the source.

Remove Waste Correctly

Leaving waste lying around will attract all types of insects, rodents, and even bigger animals too. That is why it is the most important of all pest control tips. It is recommended that you have a big, secure waste bin for both general rubbish and recyclable materials too. This waste needs to be removed by official sources or taken to a tip before it builds up too high as well. The bigger it gets, the more pests it will attract!

Ensure Your Property Has Ventilation

Warm, damp, dark corners are the perfect breeding ground for creepy crawlies and other types of pests. If your house is not properly ventilated, the risk of these conditions coming to light is significantly increased. Make sure you open windows from time to time, and if you have consistent problems with mold or dampness, until you deal with them, then pests will always be a risk.

Keep Up To Flea Treatments

If you have pets at home, you will know all too well that they sometimes bring unwanted guests into your domestic environment. Fleas are a big problem, especially if left unattended because they will spread everywhere and infiltrate furniture, carpets, curtains, and linen. Be preventative in your approach to flea management and make sure your pet is up to date with their treatments so that your home does not become a victim. Pests will find a way if you don’t stay on top of the defense strategy. There are always places for them to crawl into, and they are great at finding them. If you want to avoid invasions, make sure you keep your home and garden tidy and take action at the first sign of a problem.

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