Perfect Gift Ideas for the Handyman

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If you are in the process of looking for the perfect gift for the handyman in your life, then you’ve definitely come to the right place! Handymen can be the easiest or hardest people in your life to shop for when it comes to presents for all occasions. Either they are budding handymen who need basically everything that you could think of in a tool chest or they have been working with tools on different projects for years now, and they have a tool chest that is overflowing. When it comes to the handyman that is just starting out on their journey, it can be easy to fall into the trap of purchasing screwdrivers, wrenches, and the easy tools that don’t require much thought. Granted, it works and you are able to give them a gift but sometimes you might just want to think outside the box and give them something that they didn’t even know they needed.

Perfect Gift Ideas for the Handyman

When your handyman has been using their hands for years to repair, create, restore, and build – you are hard pressed to find something that they don’t own. This opens up a different can of worms and you are struggling to find something to purchase for them. You don’t want to go with another gift card unless you can help it. To help with this gift shopping excursion, the following is a list of some perfect gift ideas for the handyman in your life!

Mechanic Gloves

This is one item that you can purchase over and over for the handyman in your life. Mechanic gloves are tight-fitting gloves that are made from strong, sturdy material that isn’t bulky and allows the wearer to maintain their full range of motion. They protect hands from injuries of all types, and they range in size from XXX-small to XXX-large. Even if the handyman in your life owns a pair of mechanic gloves, they won’t last forever so they never go astray.

Wood Burning Kit

Treat the handyman artist in your life to a new wood burning kit and open their world of DIY projects. The handyman can use this kit to burn the names of the occupants of the home, a pattern, or even a beautiful landscape image. Want to give them wood for burning as well? Click the link to find out the appropriate wooden surface for wood burning projects.

Bucket Boss

This snazzy and innovative gift is a sturdy and secure hold all that is perfect for transporting your tools from one job site to the next. With storage pockets of varying sizes on both the outside and inside of this pouch, it is no wonder they call it a boss. The best part of this item? It fits directly over a five-gallon bucket to give you even more storage space. It goes wherever the handyman goes but the design still allows for the interior of the bucket to be used for larger items.

Magnetic Bracelet

Adjustable in terms of sizing thanks to the Velcro strap, this wristband has a special secret: it’s magnetic. That’s right, it’s a magnetic wristband bracelet that can be used to hold those loose drill bits that you need for a project or it can easily hold the nails and/or screws that you tend to spend your time looking for in your pocket.

Perfect Gift Ideas for the Handyman - magnetic bracelet

Woodworking/Industrial Apron

Not the typical apron you would see in the kitchen or while using the grill, these woodworking industrial aprons are made from tougher material. They are excellent for protecting the skin and clothing of the wearer during wood burning projects, painting, mixing of chemicals, and more. With its larger size, this apron covers from the chest area to the knees and features tie straps around the neck along with the back for the perfect, secure fit. It also features storage pockets, and during a project, a true handyman will tell you that you can never have enough pockets

LED Lighted Beanie

Not only will this product keep the head of the handyman warm during dark nights or winter mornings, it also features a built-in LED light that is charged via a USB port. Once fully charged, the light in the beanie will last for approximately 10 hours and you have the option of three different intensity settings making this the perfect gift for the handyman!


Don’t rush out and buy another gift card for the handyman in your life or even try to pick out a tool that they already own (and possibly own multiples of). Why not get creative and purchase them something that they didn’t even think they truly wanted or needed until they received it from you for that special occasion. You can even mix and match gift ideas to suit the seasons when it comes to the handyman. During the summer and fall months, look for gifts that suit the handyman in an outdoor element and during those cold winter months? Look for gifts that allow them to stay in their workshop in the warm and dry!

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