Pendant Light: The Definitive Guide (2020)

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Long long ago, when the first fire lighted a cave in the dark, human began to seek for the light. Nowadays, lamps still play an important role in interior design. Different types like pendant lights, chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall lights, and table lamps have been widely used in people’s home.

Pendant Light The Definitive Guide

Every kind of lamps will make difference for your interior decoration when you use it as right role. Imaging the following situation:

  • When you back to home with tired and bother feeling, a LED hallway pendant lighting dispel the dark and lighten the room for you.
  • Pendant lights for drawing room usually take unique and artist design, also being significant for showing host’s taste. If you have guests for dinner with you, you will stay with your guests in living room a period of time. The soft and characteristic chandeliers will create a comfortable circumstance for you.
  • If kitchen pendant lighting illuminate food material, making them more bright like an oil painting, whether you have a cooking idea to make a fancy dinner?
  • Bedroom pendant lights just like stars falling into the your room, surrounding you with its faint light, expel nightmare away from your dream.

Remember that, the lamp is not only a lighting tool, it is an important part of interior design.

This time we have 2020 the definitive guide of pendant light for you. If you want to decorate your room with elegant unique style, pendant lights is better choice.

What Pendant Light Is

As a kind of lamps, pendant light has its special look, and usually hangs from ceiling by a short rope. Single pendant light is very common in our house decoration, and basically satisfies lighting demand of people.

Types of Pendant Lights

Pendant lights can be divided into three kinds according to their different shapes. Linear , multi light, and single pendant light. Pendant light has different shapes, even named as its name, like basket pendant light, square pendant light, island pendant lighting, even star pendant light. It is also made by different material, as glass pendant lights, rope pendant light, concrete, even replacement glass shades for pendant.

  1. linear pendant light: more than one single pendant lights are be in line. Bulbs of linear pendant light always have no huge volume, which are 60-watt, E26-based (shape and size of bulbs) bulbs. Linear pendant light usually has unique design and well-illuminate in the place, like kitchen, home office, bathroom, etc. A linear pendant lights for kitchens can provide comprehensive light feeling which may arouse your cooking ideas.
  2. multi light: is made by several single pendant lights in irregular arranged way. This kind of pendant lighting fixtures are also called chandeliers. Unique and artistic are the feature of it. Usually, it has huger volume than linear pendant and single pendant light, also has better illuminate effect. Multi light is a free combination which form small size bulbs to big size bulbs even mix of them for complete pendant fixtures. 60-watt, E26-based bulbs usually equip the multi light. Living room pendant lights regard it as optimal choice, for its better atmosphere creation, and artistic design.
  1. single pendant light: only one pendant light which always has 60-watt, E26-based bulb, has concise, small design. It is also designed as unique shape, and can illuminate small room like kitchen or bedroom. Single pendant light is usually used for partial lighting. No matter living room, kitchen or hallway pendant light, it should be install over the place you want to light, even it is not the center of room.


Pendant light is available for various scenes. We can take many different ways to use pendant lights, even in the same scene. Pendant light can be used as general lighting or lighting for area. All of this lighting using can be arranged in kitchen, living room, bathroom, dining room, bar, foyer, entryway, stairwell or some other else. Free combination gives their customers more artistic room to design their own lighting environment.

General Lighting

Well-illuminate pendant light has general lighting, which can lighten the whole room like the day. This large pendant lighting can make a integrate interior design in living room, which aims to create a comfortable lighting circumstance. An efficient way for general lighting using is that some of the light up made by these fixtures were designed to throw onto the ceiling. When the light was reflected back by the ceiling, the wall, it speared throughout and lightened the whole room, even the edges and corners of the space.

Area Lighting

Pendant lighting is also used for a certain area, like the dinner desk at kitchen, your work desk, and the porch. This type of lighting is different from general lighting, it can not finish complete illumination by itself, while let the light focus on a certain place, which find a concern for your room design.

Pendant lighting for area has limitation of high. If you want to install pendant light above the table, or bar-height counter top, you should ensure that there has the distance of 30 to 36 inches between the top of the table and the bottom of the light fixture. It provides a safe distance between you and the light fixture. Foyer pendant lighting should has at least 6 inches above the door. If you want to place serve pendants over a table, the recommended pace between each pendant for you is the long of table divided by the number of pendents plus one. For example, if you want to place 3 light pendant light over the table, the recommended space would be 10 divided by 4 (3 pendant plus 1), which is 2.5 feet or 30 inches.


To summarize, the application of pendant light can be used as general lighting and area lighting. In general lighting, the pendant light fixtures can be installed at the center of the ceiling in order to spear the light fill with the room. In area lighting, the pendant light focuses the lighting on a certain area.

How to Choose LED Pendant Light?

Nowadays, pendant light is not only a lighting equipment, but the artistic parts in the interior design. If you want to choose the right pendant light, you should consider this two factors. Quality and style. There is very different effect between high-quality and low-quality LED pendant light. High-quality LED pendant light not only spear comfortable light, but has benefit for you and your families’ eyes. When you choose LED pendant light, ensure that the CR ( color rendering index) is more than 80.

If you want to choose right pendant light with right style for your room, you should consider these factors as follow.

  1. Think the purpose why you want to install the pendant light. Pendant light may provide two types of light: task and ambit light. If you decide that whether your pendant light would be, you can narrow the search considerably.
  2. Consider whether the pendant light style fit your room design. If you want kitchen pendant lighting, you should select the pendant fit with cooking idea. Dining room pendant light should have soft light for comfortable circumstance creating.
  3. Determine the number and size of pendant light you want. Multi pendant light or single pendant light, is depends on it.
  4. Measure your ceiling height. Fit ceiling height provides a safe distance between you and the light, and better lighting effect from the pendant.
  5. Ponder the ease or difficulty of installation. We should always keep the safe first. Considering the installation of pendant light is ease or difficulty prepare the safe installation of pendant light.

The Most Popular LED Pendant Lights

Modern pendant light is very popular among the young.

Type 1:

Pendant light - type 1

This type of pendant light is popular, for its concise look and versatility. It can be arranged in different scene. Like kitchen pendant lighting, dining room pendant light. It is compatible with three 60-watt E26-based bulbs. Fully dimmable with compatible dimmer switch and dimmable bulbs. It emits stunning light rays throughout your space, creating a calming atmosphere in your home.

Type 2:

Pendant light - type 2

This single pendant is very popular because of its industrial style and widely use. It can be used as bedroom pendant lighting, also outdoor pendant lighting and porch pendant lighting. It is compatible with one 60-watt E26-based bulb. It works well in bar, dining room, entryway and kitchen. Fully dimmable with compatible dimmer switch and a dimmable bulb. ETL listed for dry location. A hardwired connection is applicable to the pendant light. It is not suggested to install the pendant light on slope ceilings. It comes with a 47.24-inch adjustable cord. Dimension: 10.63 inches high*7.09 inches wide, canopy:4.72 inches.

Type 3:

Pendant light - type 3

This product is made by three glass pendant lights. Its concise design and smooth surface is very popular in our customers. It is compatible with three 60-watt E26-based bulbs. Fully dimmable with compatible dimmer switch and dimmable bulbs. Dimension:59.05 inches high*40.15 inches wide. Shade diameter:8.66 inches. Canopy: 35.82 inches. It comes with 47.2-inch adjustable cord. It is suggested to install the pendant light on sloped ceilings.

Type 4:

Pendant light - type 4

This product is popular because of its comfortable design. It is Compatible with three 40-watt E26-based bulbs. Fully dimmable with compatible dimmer switch and dimmable bulbs. Dim the pendant light down from ambient lighting to a soft gleam to set a romantic mood for the room. It emits inviting glow throughout your space, creating a relaxing ambiance in your home. ETL listed for dry locations. A hardwired connection is applicable to the pendant light. It is not suggested to install the pendant light on sloped ceilings.Dimension: 8.19 inches high * 18.11 inches wide; canopy: 4.72 inches. Feel free to adjust the pendant light’s 47.2-inch chain to your desired height.

Type 5:

Pendant light - type 5

It is a tasteful addition to your interior with its classic finish. With exquisite workmanship, it is durable and rustproof. It is a perfect piece for gracing bar, entryway and kitchen. Compatible with one 60-watt E26-based bulb. Fully dimmable with compatible dimmer switch and a dimmable bulb. It exudes a gentle glow throughout your space, creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home. ETL listed for dry locations. A hardwired connection is applicable to the pendant light. It comes with three 12-inch rods and one 6-inch rod. Dimension: 9.84 inches high * 10.24 inches wide; canopy: 4.72 inches.

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