How Do Outdoor Water Fountains Work?

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Apart from the fact that people find the sound of water soothing, outdoor water fountains attract birds and butterflies that enliven the garden. If your yard is your oasis of peace in which you relax every day, you must also have a water fountain that will complete that oasis. The fountains in the yard have a purely decorative function. In addition to all the planters, flowers, and trees, the fountains are the ultimate exterior decoration. The sound of the murmur of water, the natural elements of which they are made, and the artistic touch make this courtyard decoration what it is.

How Do Outdoor Water Fountains Work

They have a lot of details and are a real gem in decorating the garden. At the same time, the combination of water elements gives a unique dynamic to each garden. But, the question is, how do they work? Here are a few principles by which fountains operate and the benefits they offer.

What Are They Made Of?

In the past, water fountains were reserved only for city squares, noble and wealthy court gardens. Today, anyone can have fountains in the yard. For the fountain to last a long time, the equipment should be made of quality material. The most common materials from which fountains are made are natural stone, metal, fiberglass, and concrete.

Natural stone outdoor fountains

This is perhaps the best material for outdoor water fountains. It is easy to maintain and does not require any special care because the stone is resistant to external factors. It is difficult to get dirty and will not collect bacteria and mold.

Concrete outdoor fountains

Concrete is a material that is often used as a substitute for stone. It can be molded into any shape. They are easy to maintain but not like stone fountains.

Metal outdoor fountains

Metal water fountains are very heavy. At the same time, they are costly and can rust. No matter how long they last, they are not very practical for gardens.

Fiberglass outdoor fountains

Fiberglass outdoor water fountains are very light. They are practical for small gardens, and you can keep them on the porch if you do not have enough space in the yard.

How Are They Powered?

Outdoor water fountains have two ways of power sourcing. The solar power source is one way. Solar outdoor water fountains save electricity, and you do not need any electrical connection for them. A power source is required for the water pump. Even if there aren’t that many hours of sunshine in your yard during the day, a solar panel can collect enough energy to run a water pump without additional electricity. That is why they are a little more popular with people who are energy-savers. There are also hardwired water fountains. They need to draw energy from your home’s power sources. The water pump in such water fountains can only work if it is connected to the power supply. For fountains like this, you will need to find an electrician to do the installation.

How Do Outdoor Water Fountains Work - fountain

Water Source

A water fountain must have a source of water, of course. Most fountains draw water from the home water system, and it works on the principle of constant water flow. The fountain will always have a good water source, as long as your water bill is regulated. There are also smaller fountains that do not need as much water nor constant flow. These are fountains with a water pump and a reservoir so that the pump can recirculate the water. In these cases, the amount of water must be constantly checked so that the pump does not run unnecessarily. Such fountains significantly reduce the water bill.

How to Properly Install a Water Fountain?

Outdoor water fountains can be installed on various surfaces. It is best to have a little more space and an earthen surface to dig a hole for the fountain. These fountains do not require much math to install. They need space and a fairly flat surface. For this reason, people choose them because, in addition to being an excellent decoration, they are also easy to install. Note that hardwired fountains must be close to the power source. So choose the place closest to your house’s first source of energy if you do not want to complicate the installation. Another essential item is that you need to have full access to the fountain, as it will sometimes be necessary to clean it or add water to the pump tank. Also, place the pump somewhere lower to avoid water splashing. Installation is easy but must be planned carefully.


We have provided you with all the necessary information you need to know about outdoor water fountains. The principle by which they work and what you need to know when it comes to installation. Now you can beautify your oasis of harmony and peace in the garden with one of these decorative gems.

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