How to optimize space in your motorhome

Although RVs provide you with plenty of room, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about space optimization at all. Motorhomes space is limited, so you have to do your best to store your items smartly. There are many ways to do it. You can purchase multifunctional furniture, which is a great room saver, but there’s also plenty of things that you can DIY.

How to optimize space in your motorhome

If you lack ideas on how to optimize the space in your motorhome, this article will help you.

Get rid of the useless items and clutter

The holiday time is unique, and you should rest and relax as much as you can. You won’t be able to do it if you are traveling in a cluttered, unorganized space – it will only make you feel restless, anxious, and angered. Before you go, it’s a fantastic idea to get rid of all the items that won’t be necessary. The majority of people’s RV space is a real mess. It helps to make a list of the things that are currently in your vehicle, and when you finish doing that, ask yourself a question – will I need all of them during my trip? If the answer is a no, make sure to bring the unnecessary stuff back at home. Reality shows that people are carrying more items than they need. Do not make this mistake, as it’s a very crucial stage of space optimization. Not taking along things that you don’t need makes a huge difference!

Make good use of the storage under your bed

Plenty of RV’s and the majority of a-class motorhomes have storage under the bed. It’s one of many examples of smart space optimization. If you were not doing that in the past, it’s time to change it. And if your RV doesn’t come with such a feature, don’t worry. You can easily make DIY bed storage. When it comes to items which you should store there, it is only up to you. It can be food, clothes, laundry, cooking utensils, or anything else that fits inside.

Drawer space

People usually just toss things in drawers, without thinking much about it. It’s not a very good approach. You should always strive to organize that place. Otherwise, it’ll quickly become a mess. That’s why it’s worth making drawer organizers, which help keep things nicely sorted out. You might feel like drawer space doesn’t really make any difference, but it’s a wrong impression. Don’t neglect to optimize that room, and you will see a noticeable difference.

How to optimize space in your motorhome - nice RV decor

Don’t ignore the wall space

Oftentimes, the wall space in motorhomes is not utilized at all. But, when the horizontal room is limited, why not make good use of the vertical space? Installing plenty of hooks and shelves will help significantly. It’s not going to take you more than a couple of hours, and such improvements make a big difference. You’ll be able to store almost everything you can think of – books, kitchen utensils, electronics, board games, and all the other stuff that might come in handy.

Assign a place for all the items

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a journey, and it’s natural that over time things will get messy and cluttered. You don’t have to go crazy and keep everything squeaky clean; however, it’s much more pleasant to travel in a neat environment. Having a place for all your items is a good idea. But, you’re going to need help from your family members. It’s a good idea to have a family gather and establish what the right place for specific items is. Everybody should put things back on the assigned spot. It’s not possible to completely avoid the mess, but you’ll definitely be able to reduce it to the absolute minimum. A little bit of discipline works wonders, and it won’t cost you much.

Have a camping-specific items

When you’re traveling in your RV, it might feel like being at home. Unfortunately, it’s not, and you should take along items that are designed for camping. For instance, having a foldable table not only allows you to comfortably make dinner but also save you a lot of space. You can buy such furniture, but it’s even better to make them on your own. You’ll be able to save some money, and it’s not a very daunting task. Just follow one of plenty of tutorials on YouTube, and in a matter of a few hours, you’ll have an excellent upgrade for your RV.

Keep in mind that RV space optimization allows you to make endless improvements. Just take a look at your motorhome interior, and think of what you could upgrade on your own. Anything can help, and if you incorporate all the ideas from this article, you will see a significant difference.

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