The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed the way we work, likely indefinitely. Much of the workforce transitioned to a remote setting, and many are transitioning back into office buildings after working from home for weeks or months. One thing remains true, and that is regardless of where we are working—at home or in an office—the need for quality office furniture is still a top priority for providing a comfortable working environment and maximizing productivity.

Office Furniture Buying Guide on a Budget

When it comes to buying office furniture, from desks to glass table tops to office chairs, keep these helpful tips in mind.

Know Your Budget

First things first, it’s important to understand your budget and its limitations before even approaching buying new office furniture. While buying new office furniture can lead to numerous benefits for workers, setting a concrete budget ahead of time will help you keep expenses manageable and make the entire process easier to navigate.

Office Furniture Buying Guide on a Budget - budget

Analyze Your Interior Space and Purpose of Use

Next, you should take a full analysis of the office interior space you have to work with. When doing your assessment, be sure to actually get out the measuring tape. Be precise in your measurements, because while you can get creative with office furniture layouts, it is best to know exactly how much office space you have to work with before making any purchases.

Office Furniture Buying Guide on a Budget - interior space

It’s also important to analyze the purpose of the use. How will it be used by you or your workers? Furniture that is meant to be used as a temporary workstation is completely different from the one that is meant to be a permanent desk, lobby, or conference room.

Estimate the Quantity Based on the Need

Consider how much of each type of office furniture you will need. Are you looking for desks? Do you need tables with glass table tops? Is it time to upgrade the chairs?

Office Furniture Buying Guide on a Budget - quantity

Since you have already conducted a full analysis of the amount of space and its purpose, you should know, generally, what types of office furniture you need. This step is carried when you decide how much of each type of furniture you need. For desks, you should account for current employees and future predicted growth. For something like a glass table top, decide how many will fit in your allotted space, given the other furniture.

Consider Low Maintenance Options that give Illusion of Enlarge Space

Remember that budget you built back at the beginning of the process? Now that you know what types and amounts of office furniture that you need, this is where you create a plan to maximize that budget. Just because one piece of furniture is advertised, being top-quality does not always mean it is the right fit for your space. Consider choosing low maintenance options that will drastically cut down on the amount of care you need to put into them and enlarge the space you have to work with.

Office Furniture Buying Guide on a Budget - low maintenance

One example would be to use tempered glass table tops. These have an elegant look, but they are also far stronger and more durable than other glass table tops, which means less maintenance in the long run. It is also much more economic compared to wooden tables, which can sometimes break the bank. And an added benefit of glass table tops is the illusion of more space.

Search for Some Online Stores to Understand the Market Price

Understanding the marketplace is crucial to getting the best value and price for a purchase. The first step is to get a broad view of the office furniture market by searching for some online stores. This can be a quick and easy way to compare prices and quality, as well as get a better understanding of what products exist that can meet your needs.

Office Furniture Buying Guide on a Budget - online stores

Think about Comfort More Than Cost

Office furniture is different from other expenses, such as office supplies. With supplies, sometimes quantity can be better than quality. If you need hundreds or thousands of pens and pads of paper, quality won’t necessarily be paramount. However, for office furniture comfort should be a top priority. Ideally, this furniture will last long-term. Not only will comfortable office furniture make work more enjoyable for employees, but it will also help make them more productive, which supports the bottom line.

Office Furniture Buying Guide on a Budget - comfort

Consider the Furniture Brand for Better Quality & Reliability

Not all brands are created equal—though you probably know that from past purchases. While gauging the market for prices and selection, be sure to do some additional research on brands. What are their reputations for quality, durability, and style? These are important aspects to understand when deciding which office furniture to purchase.

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Choose the Best Company

You should always take the time to make smart buying decisions, regardless of what you are purchasing. With office furniture, because of the long-term impacts, it is that much more important to screen the marketplace to find the best company possible that can provide you with your office furniture needs.

Choosing to buy new office furniture from the best possible company means you will also be getting the highest reliability and confidence with your order. After you have narrowed your list of furniture companies to a select few, be sure you are making the right choice. It may take extra work to find the best furniture company for your needs, but this effort will pay off in the long run when you find furniture that perfectly fits your needs.