3 obscure uses for artificial grass

The purpose of artificial grass might initially seem to you to be pretty ‘cut and dry’ – in other words, isn’t it essentially there to look pretty? Well, at first glance, you might think so – and there’s no doubt that artificial grass offers many benefits if it is simply used ‘as grass’. But artificial grass is never as simple as it first seems.

Chair covered with artificial grass

The best things in life are multipurpose, and this holds true when investing in an artificial lawn. There are many ways to use artificial grass, and these are just the most obscure uses we have found.

1. Outdoor furniture covering

When the rain sets in, and the cold winter brings about a snowstorm, you need something to cover your garden furniture. Artificial grass is most commonly used outside anyway, and as we’ve discovered, it can actually prove to be an effective outdoor furniture covering. Drape a sheet or two of artificial grass over your most beloved furniture pieces that may be at risk of weathering and damage, and watch as they stay protected all year round. Artificial grass is as sturdy as anything, so it’s not really outside the realm of belief that it would work well as a furniture covering. With artificial grass being designed to withstand any kind of weather, this might actually be a really good – albeit obscure – idea!

2. Phone cases

Hear us out… artificial grass could actually be a pretty cool material for a mobile phone case! Phone cases are all about expressing your inner creativity, so why not go the whole way? You can’t get more creative than a phone case made from artificial grass. Go big or go home, we say. Fortunately, this idea might actually have practical benefits: artificial grass won’t scratch or scrape, and it can actually be quite durable against any drops or scuffs. There’s a reason artificial grass lasts for a lifetime outdoors, so why wouldn’t it work for a high-use phone case? Carrying around a mobile-sized lawn in your pocket seems like a worthy trade for all the protective benefits you’ll receive.

Artificial grass phone mask

3. Wallpaper

Some of us are at our happiest when amongst nature. Staying inside can actually be a real downer! So, why not bring a touch of the ‘outside’ indoors? Artificial grass (yes, you read that right) can actually be applied as wallpaper. Without the risk of bugs, damp and dirt, why not? With the right application, we bet it could actually look really good – promise! Artificial grass can help make the coldest spaces cosy, and grassy wallpaper could even be embellished with a little flower or two.

At the end of the day…

The moral of this article is… expect the unexpected! Artificial grass is one of the most highly versatile landscaping products out there, and can be used in a range of applications you might’ve never even considered! From sandals to shop signage, the possibilities really are endless. Who knew? If you’re looking to give artificial grass a try, for obscure purposes or not, come to the finest artificial grass suppliers. The Artificial Grass Store has good deals, and even better products. Improve your landscape, and make your outdoors really great.

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