5 Ways to not overuse your Furnace

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It has become the norm for Canadians to only think about the state of their furnaces when the temperatures start dropping. This is typical as no one ever wants to endure a freezing winter night because of a dysfunctional furnace. The confidence that one has a well-running heating system at home is always enough to provide peace of mind during the cold season. But, is this all that is needed to beat the winter blues?

5 Ways to not overuse your Furnace

The problem with heating systems is that most users have little knowledge about them. Many Canadians are ever concerned about is whether their equipment is functional or not. They never take into account the efficiency or best practices of using these systems. This has led to the overuse of furnaces and an extra burden of ever-growing utility bills.

Tips to taking better care of furnaces

There is never a reason to overwork furnaces when they can deliver optimal performance with the right care. On the bright side, this does not necessarily require the expertise of a certified technician. Instead, it involves simple measures that can be adopted by all households for the longevity of these heating systems. The top five tips recommended for better care of a furnace are;

  • Make it a habit to turn down the thermostat when it is not in use. A simple way to lightening the furnace’s load is by tuning down the thermostat when leaving the house. There is never a reason to leave a furnace on full blast all winter, especially when there is no one indoors. It is equally important to note that for each degree that is lowered on the thermostat, the heating costs drop by three percent.
  • Never skip those annual tune-ups recommended by professionals. The state of a furnace is dictated mainly by its level of maintenance. Failure to regularly service any heating system will see minor problems lead to malfunctioning. It will then be expensive to repair the furnace at this stage as it might require an overhaul. As a rule, always have a team of trusted furnace professionals like New West plumbers to be in charge of these yearly services.
  • Ensure the heating vents are not blocked. One of the main problems that leads to an overuse of furnaces is blocked vents. Many households block these vents with furniture or intentionally close them in unused rooms. But, there is no value in doing this as all it leads to is pressure buildup within the system. This causes the furnace to overwork as it requires more energy to meet the required airflow.
  • Avoid turning up the thermostat to warm the house faster. After getting home during freezing temperatures, it is only natural to desire warmth. This result in an urge to crank the thermostat up and hope the room gets warmer faster. Sadly, this is not how a furnace works, and hurrying it will only make it overwork. It is important to remember that setting the temperature higher is not a shortcut to quickly getting to the ideal temperature.
  • Ensure the home is adequately insulated. It is burdensome to have a well-functioning furnace in a drafty house, as the heating system is always overworked. This is because while the furnace efficiently heats the house, cold air keeps coming in. To avoid such a scenario, it is critical to resolve all insulation problems in the house. Some of the recommended steps to take are adding insulation to the walls and closing gaps around windows and doors.

5 Ways to not overuse your Furnace - furnace

The value in taking care of furnaces

At a time when households are struggling to meet their ever-rising utility bills, every saving counts. Taking better care of furnaces is one way to achieve this, as heating accounts for a significant portion of every household’s energy consumption. The best part is that these benefits are not only for the short-term, as they offer value over the years. Most importantly, proper care of furnaces reduces the risks of sudden and expensive replacements when the heating system malfunctions in the middle of winter.

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