Non-Stick vs. Stainless Steel Fry Pans: Which is Better?

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Stainless steel has always been a very responsible choice, over nonstick pans due to its versatility and healthy aspect. Stainless steel surfaces are very durable and low maintenance. Its surface is non-reactive, and it can be used under high flame to grill meat. It is ideal for any and every kind of cooking — may it be a chicken curry or a steak! Interestingly, from Michelin-star chefs to roadside food shacks, most professionals prefer to cook on stainless steel fry pan. Stainless steel products are 100% Residue-free and PFOA-free. However, it is well-known that nonstick pans are best for making delicate foods such as eggs, crepes, etc which do not require high heat. A lot of oil is saved in nonstick pans, thus it is deemed beneficial for weight loss.

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Let us jump down deep into the in-depth understanding of this tussle, a lot of consumers seem to have.

All about a Stainless Steel Fry Pan

  1. They are highly durable as known by many. Stainless steel products are usually known as a one-time investment. They do not catch scratches or dents easily, and retain their shine for a long time.
  2. Stainless steel is non-reactive, thus it does not react with anything acidic or alkaline, giving you a neutral cooking experience.
  3. These fry pans are safe to use on high heat. So, may it be a deep fry, wok toss, searing, browning, or, deglazing do it all in one pan. With a premium Fry Pan, caramelizing is worry-free, as they are easy to clean. Get a fry pan online with an easy pour design to have a mess-free cooking experience. Make sure to get a fry pan online which is induction cooktop compatible as well as, dishwasher safe (if you use a dishwasher).
  4. The price point of a stainless steel fry pan can be slightly more than non-stick pans, but in the longer run, the former outperforms the latter by a million miles.
  5. Apart from stainless steel being the safest metal cookware to cook your food in, the other two safe alternatives are ceramic, glass, and cast-iron cookware.
  6. Stainless steel cookware is known for its chic and sleek appearance. They give an aesthetic appeal that is very organic in a sense. They come in several textures and finishes such as brushed, polished, and matte — which goes perfectly well with your kitchen decor accordingly.
  7. You can also get your name engraved in your stainless cookware, with brands like Stahl.
  8. Ideally, these pans are made of three layers. The first of surgical steel ensuring safety and hygiene. The second of a heat-conducting core that ensures uniform heating. The third of magnetic stainless steel which is cooktop and induction-friendly.
stainless steel fry pan

All about Non-Stick Fry Pans

  1. Well, on the surface level, they are extremely convenient. However, in the longer run daily usage might be harmful.
  2. The presence of  PFOA in the nonstick coating is carcinogenic.
  3. Talking more of the convenience,  these are best for pan roasting, oil-less recipes and other healthy foods.
  4. These pans are very easy to clean and do not cause a mess in the kitchen.
  5. Even oil spills are very minimal in nonstick pans. These are best for users who are afraid to fry fish in pans because of oil spills.
  6. They are induction-friendly, and dairy or gluten-based products like cheese or cornstarch do not stick to the surface.
  7. Metal spoons and spatulas are incompatible with most nonstick pans, it needs wooden ladles, spoons and spatulas to stir, mix, etc.

However, there is a middle way out of this tussle. Stahl’s Artisan Hybrid frypan has a combination of  stainless steel and non-stick, so you can use metal spoons easily without worrying.

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