What is a Night Vision Device?

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The operation of the night vision sight is based on the principle of enhancing the low illumination of objects. This function is carried out using an infrared illuminator and a special optical-electronic converter. In the online store www.agmglobalvision.com you will always find a wide range of similar products. This most famous brand in the world will make you feel comfortable at work, on guard, or on night patrol.

What is a Night Vision Device

In general, you can buy a night vision scope for various purposes. It’s great for hunting, surveillance, and even military use. The characteristics of such equipment allow it to be used by both amateurs and professionals.

Types of night vision devices

Night vision optics are conventionally divided into three groups:

  1. Entry-level devices (low price, short detection distance);
  2. Medium-level optics (increased range, increased autonomy);
  3. Professional optics for the most demanding purposes.

Night sights are divided according to their purpose. They are suitable for detecting and observing objects in conditions of limited visibility. Also, night sights can be electronic and optically digital. The first type works with a digital matrix of a given resolution. It can be actively used even during the day in bright light conditions. The second type uses in its work the projection of a night picture onto a film, with multiple amplification of the image.

How to buy a night vision scope for hunting?

The night vision scope enhances low illumination with an image converter and an optional infrared illuminator. Our company presents to your attention a wide range of night vision scopes. You can buy a night vision scope for hunting, surveillance, and military purposes.

What is a Night Vision Device - night vision

You can choose one of the generations of night vision devices:

  • 1st generation is the entry-level detection;
  • 2nd generation is average display quality;
  • Generation 3 is the professional choice of hunters.

We offer you to buy a night vision scope for hunting with delivery anywhere in the country. You can choose the fixtures to detect any object in low natural light. Such goods are divided into two main types: digital and electro-optical. Digital night vision sights are designed on the basis of a miniature digital matrix with a certain resolution. Such products are not afraid of bright light and can work even during the day.

The second options are night vision sights based on an image intensifier. The work is based on a film onto which a night image is projected. It amplifies tens of thousands of times. Therefore, such night vision scopes have their drawbacks, for example, increased sensitivity to flashes of bright light and a certain period of operation. Generation 2+ of these devices have better detection rates than digital ones. Most modern night-hunting rifle scopes come with an infrared flashlight to help you find objects in total darkness. Now consumers can buy hunting night vision scopes that suit them. Make your choice of optical instruments or infrared binoculars today.

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