New Boiler Installations From SmartGas In Edinburgh

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No one wants to consider the idea of replacing their home’s boiler unless there’s no other recourse. Sadly, the boiler is neglected unless a problem crops up, and at that point, panic ensues. The assumption is that a repair will always be available for whatever the problem might be. But how old is your system? The priority, above all else, is ensuring safety. If the old boiler is functioning poorly, it could be a safety hazard, especially if it’s advancing in age. An aged boiler has the potential for frequent failures with an increased possibility of dangerous leaks developing.

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When the system breaks down frequently or is over roughly 10-15 years old, the efficiency has decreased significantly compared to the modern options making it prone to more prevalent problems. If you want to avoid continuing to pay repair costs, it’s wise to consider a new boiler installation from a reputable, trusted provider like SmartGas in Edinburgh. A reliable business will ensure a safe, efficient, and accurate installation process that will give you adequate returns on your investment in energy savings. Consider these suggestions when reasoning whether you should repair or replace your boiler system.

Signs You Need A New Boiler

A boiler can become a safety hazard when it develops operational issues resulting in frequent repairs. At some point, it leads to the question of whether you should continue making repairs or if it’s time for a new system. A professional, trusted supplier like SmartGas can assess your current unit and advise on the need for a replacement. Find out how often you should replace your boiler at

A newer boiler will, of course, be more energy efficient, but a priority is recognizing that your system is unsafe if it’s reaching beyond the ten-year age range. This is when consistent problems begin to set in, with the old unit becoming a greater hazard to the environment than saving you money or energy. Additionally, it can be challenging to find components for the aged unit to keep it functional, particularly if your boiler is no longer being manufactured. Let’s look at some warning signs you might need to consider researching a new boiler.

· The radiators are not heating up as quickly as they once did

If the radiator takes as long as hours to warm up, it can indicate the boiler is malfunctioning. Usually, a system can max its temp relatively fast. When turned on, the unit produces heat to rapidly increase the home’s temperature. A radiator reacting slowly can also indicate a potential cold spot or blockage. A service call will correct this. If preventive maintenance or repair services don’t change how the radiators react, the boiler is likely no longer efficient, and a new one is in order. Read this guide before replacing a boiler with a new one.

· You have a yellow flame burning

A functional boiler will have a healthy blue flame to show it’s safe and efficient. If the flame were to term yellow, carbon monoxide leaking from the boiler is possible. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can potentially be fatal. When these gases are released, homeowners can experience fatigue, dizziness, headache, and nausea symptoms. It’s crucial to contact a credentialed contractor to do a thorough inspection. If the leakage is not something that can be readily repaired, the system will need to be replaced.

· Foul odors are emitting from the unit

Typically, with a functionally efficient boiler, there are no odors detected. If you start to notice a smell developing, you should have this investigated straight away. A slight smell could be a carbon monoxide leak, but these are usually odorless. However, with these leaks, the boiler burns in such a way that it gives off a slight odor. A foul smell can also indicate burnt-out elements within the boiler. When the repair contractor inspects the unit, they will determine if repairs can be made to the system or if you need to replace the unit.

·  Energy costs continue to rise with an inefficient boiler 

When a heating system is aged, its efficiency significantly diminishes, creating rising utility costs. The suggestion with boilers is to test their “ERP energy rating” with the most efficient grading at “A as 90 percent efficient.” G-rated boilers, however, are not as efficient, performing only at “70 percent efficiency.” For those having a G-rating with a boiler advanced in age over 15 years, the unit is considered overworked. Replacing this system with an A-rated option will be the recommendation of any supplier for optimum energy conservation and savings on utility costs. It’s unwise to continue repairing or replacing system parts at this level or age.

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·  What does it mean when the boiler continues to shut down

When a boiler has the habit of shutting down without prompting, there’s an underlying cause. Suggestions include a malfunctioning thermostat, low pressure, or a pump problem. Contacting a contractor to inspect the boiler to determine if parts need to be replaced or whether the boiler needs upgrading is necessary.

·  The boiler breaks down continuously

You are having frequent breakdowns with the boiler. This leaves you consistently without heat and hot water a couple of times each week. That speaks to the fact that repairs are undoubtedly not the answer to this dilemma. The money spent on fixing the system would be for naught. Instead of wasting money on frequent repairs, it’s essential to reach out to the repair contractor for guidance on replacing the system with a more cost-efficient, energy-friendly option that won’t require continuous servicing. Continuing to make repairs leaves you at risk of safety hazards, particularly leaks. At some point, the damage and inefficiency go beyond the need for repair. It’s essential when a system reaches this level; it’s time to consider safety as the priority and look for a replacement.

·  Researching for a new, efficient boiler

It’s wise to look for a modern, efficient model that will serve your needs and those of the household. A contractor’s representative will come to the home to do a thorough inspection. The tech will assess the household usage and overall needs to determine an adequate boiler to meet those conditions. This company will also ensure the safe, adequate installation of the equipment to ensure optimum performance and efficiency for an extended lifespan. This will not only mean greater safety for the household overall, but it will also provide increased efficiency, modern features, and savings on utility costs.

Final Thought

A provider like SmartGas in Edinburgh will let homeowners know when their system has reached the end of its efficient life. A company like this will assess a home to ensure the best boiler is selected for ideal household usage and homeowner needs. The contractors install with safety as a priority, ensuring accuracy and reliability so the client can obtain optimum efficiency. It’s in the client’s best interest and for their optimum safety to recognize a new modern boiler with up-to-date features is the only recourse when an old system is no longer functioning adequately. A current boiler will offer energy efficiency, save money on utility costs, and give peace of mind considering safety.

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