How Much Will a New AC Cost?

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Having an efficient, well-performing air conditioner in the hot and humid summer days is everyone’s wish, but not everyone knows how costly a new air conditioner and its installation can be. And to be truthful, there’s no single price that one can quote when it comes to buying new air conditioning systems. In fact, a number of varying factors affect an ac unit’s total cost.

How Much Will a New AC Cost

This article has discussed these very factors and how they impact air conditioning systems’ price rates accordingly.

AC Units Are Different

The first and foremost aspect to contemplate when buying a new air conditioning unit is that each ac system differs from another system, and this difference can be anything, from physical features, components included, or even size-wise, and these very differences are then reflected in their costs. Moreover, residential ac units are significantly different since each system caters to the household’s individual needs it’s being installed in. For instance, the property size, design, and location are different for each house, and so is the ac unit installed in each home. But more than the actual air conditioning unit, it’s the technicalities and installation process that really make up the price difference. For instance, if an ac unit requires any servicing, additional components, or servicing before its installed, the installation price in such cases would be higher compared to a standard installation procedure.

Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor for The Task

When selecting an HVAC contractor, always remember that you will need to consider a handful of different factors that will impact your unit’s installation and efficiency. Some of these include:

  • How trained, experienced and qualified is the installation technician that you are considering hiring?
  • Is he using the right tools for the task?
  • Do they conduct a physical J heat load to accurately measure your ac unit?
  • Will they conduct a thorough analysis of your ducts and vents?
  • Do they have a good track record from other customers for the entire process, starting from sales to the actual mounting and installation?
  • Do they conduct a thorough diagnostic test and have an organized startup procedure for optimizing the air conditioning system?
  • Do they have all the necessary licensing and insurance?

Once you are content that you have the perfect HVAC mechanic for your air conditioner’s installation, you need to consider factors that will directly impact your new AC unit’s total installation cost. These include:

Dimensions of the unit:

Contrary to popular belief, your previous air conditioning unit’s size is not necessarily accurate, so do not buy your new unit keeping the old unit’s size in mind. Instead, use the manual J technique to correctly measure the size you should buy.

The Model

While it is true that the newer the model, the higher the costs, you do not necessarily need to go for the latest models of air conditioners for a well-performing, high-efficiency unit. Instead, look for what you need in terms of cooling, energy consumption, and efficiency and buy a model that suits your budget and caters to your needs. You will be surprised to find that in most cases, slightly older models fit your requirements entirely and that you can have a perfect unit for a reasonable price. However, before you make an investment, always ask your contractor for advice. They will be able to support you and make a more informed verdict.

How Much Will a New AC Cost - ac control

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The Manufacturer

The manufacturer and make of your air conditioning unit matters a lot. The manufacturer you chose is going to heavily impact the price range you will be offered. Moreover, your unit’s life also depends on the maker you opt for as each maker uses a different quality of components for their ac units, so be very careful when investing in a new unit and pay especially close attention to which manufacturer you should choose.

Ductwork modifications

When installing a new air conditioner, check if the ducts in your house are adequately sized and according to your new unit’s measurements. If you feel they need resizing, carry out the required modifications before your new system is installed. If the ductwork is not in accordance with your new unit, then you might have reduced efficiency, higher energy consumption, and even sudden breakdowns.

Additional materials

It is inevitable to avoid additional work and materials during any new air conditioner installation process, be it residential or industrial. So, look for which additional components and materials are needed to properly and correctly install your new ac unit and have your HVAC technician check that everything is in order.


One of the most decisive influences that directly impact an air conditioner’s cost is the initial startup process. Have your technician check your system’s coolant levels, thermostat settings and run all the required diagnostic tests.  It is also essential that he fine-tune the system after installation to ensure that it keeps running smoothly and efficiently. The entire startup procedure lasts around an hour and a half but increases your unit’s life and efficiency significantly. One should keep in mind countless more factors when installing a new AC unit; however, enlisting a professional’s help takes care of most of them without you having to worry about anything. If you, too, are planning to put in a new air conditioning system and are looking for a qualified and experienced HVAC technician, we might be able to help you.

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