Why Do You Need a Dual Voltage Welding Machine?

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There are several techniques available for welding. The most preferred technique for quality weld is MIG welding. For choosing the best MIG welder, you have to consider several factors. Such as price, the thickness of metal, duty cycle, weight, and the best dual voltage mig welder. MIG welder is highly recommended for its dual voltage power.

Why Do You Need a Dual Voltage Welding Machine

Are you getting confused about, Why Do You Need A Dual Voltage Welding Machine? Don’t worry, we will help you by providing all the answers in this article.

Why Do You Need a Dual Voltage Welding Machine?

The versatility and usefulness of a MIG welder depend on its operating voltage power. The changes in penetration depend on changes in voltage. Voltage is one of the main variables for arc length. Larger and shorter arc lengths rely on increased and decreased voltage.  In this section, I will answer, Why Do You Need A Dual Voltage Welding Machine?

The dual voltage MIG welder is an excellent way to operate both voltages without purchasing another welder. They are more powerful as well as portable. This concept works really well as you don’t have to worry about less power and carry the product. With 120V, the utility output will highly increase. On the other side, with 240V capacity, the output increased with full power.

It is highly potential for both professionals and beginners. Professionals find it more useful because they can go for larger projects and get the job done easily. When you take any larger project you won’t feel any difficulty with the availability of power. The beginners and hobbyists can increase their ability to handle larger projects when required. With a dual voltage MIG welder, they can make themselves competent for future larger projects.

MIG Welding

An arc welding process that heats up two base materials together and forms a join is called MIG welder. A MIG welder connects to a welding gun through which a continuous electrode is fed into the weld pool. A welding gun releases the shielding gas which helps to protect the weld pool. MIG welder can weld faster even with the thicker metal. For larger projects, it is the best option. It can quickly weld stainless steel and thicker or thinner aluminum. With its dual voltage power, the MIG welder can directly heat into the small points and develop finer welds.

Factors When Selecting MIG Welder

As I mentioned earlier that while choosing the best MIG welder, you have to consider some factors. For your convenience, I will explain those features here.


Most of the welder comes with MIG and flux core, both functions. Some welders have only one function. You should consider a MIG welder that has both these functions. It will assure maximum diversity in the welding process.


MIG welder consists of different voltages like 110/115/120V or 220/225/230V. But some MIG welders have both voltages. Dual voltage is the best to have because it will generate more power with huge productivity.

MIG Wire

You will need a flux core wire according to the metals. Flux core wire doesn’t require any gas shield. This wire differs depending on what you are trying to weld. A thicker wire can produce a higher quality weld.

Size and Portability

You may have to go to the outer location for welding. A Heavier welder will be hard to carry. So, while choosing a MIG welder, the main feature that you should consider is probability. You should choose the small, good quality MIG welder with inverter technology.

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Spool Gun

A welder with a spool gun is required when you are going for welding aluminum. Make sure to buy a welder that has the ability to connect with a spool gun with a quick-release feature.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle determines the length of time of welding. A higher duty cycle assures a longer time for welding. The duty cycle displays as a percentage. As an example, a 40% duty cycle can work for 4 minutes, and it will take 6 minutes for cooling down.


Make sure you have all safety precautions before taking any projects. Welding safety accessories include a flame-resistant long sleeve jacket, leather shoes or boots, leather gloves, and cuffless full-length pants.  Also, a welding helmet, a bandana or skull cap, safety glasses to protect the head and eyes from sparks and spatter. Only professionals don’t need to have a higher quality MIG welder. Beginners can also consider these features. So that they can learn to handle the larger projects in the long run.

How to Maintain A MIG Welder?

If you want quality weld, you must take good care of the welder. Taking proper care of MIG welders will ensure longer service as well as perfection. To maintain high performance, you can do these little things given below.

  • When you are not using the MIG welder, make sure to put a cover over it. If dust gets into the welder, it can cause huge damage. That is why some MIG welder comes with a cover.
  • Drive rolls are continuously used for feeding the wire. To clear it, just brush them out and blow some air through the rolls. After using, clear out the dust every time.
  • Porosity can occur when spatter gets stuck into the contact tips. It can limit the shielding gas flow. To clear out the spatter use a nozzle dip to coat the tip.

Final Thoughts

Without having proper knowledge, many people end up buying the wrong featured welder machine. A dual voltage MIG welder is perfect for your warehouse, workplace, and workshop. Whether it is small or large, it will provide the best output for any kind of project. From professionals to beginners, anyone can quickly get their job done with this product. You will get all the required info from this article for a perfect buying decision. I hope now you know Why Do You Need A Dual Voltage Welding Machine?

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