5 Myths About Making Your Home Energy Efficient

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If you think it’s too expensive or time consuming to bother with boosting the energy efficiency of your home, you’re not thinking it through. Small changes in every room in the house can impact your utility bills in big ways. Energy efficiency is not only using less energy, like turning off the lights in an empty room.

5 Myths About Making Your Home Energy Efficient

True energy efficiency is also doing more with the energy you do consume. Many energy-sipping appliances and devices items are easy to install and using them will actually add up to noticeable savings.

Do a Little, Do a Lot

It’s easy to see that starting on the path of energy efficiency can be as easy as changing a light bulb. Literally, switching from a “regular” light bulb (i.e. incandescent) to using an LED bulb will use 75% less energy. You get instant improvement in your energy efficiency by changing one light bulb. So why not capitalize on that cost and energy savings by replacing all the bulbs in your house? Another comparatively easy way to decrease the amount of power your family consumes is to replace aging appliances with new Energy Star models.

If your refrigerator or stand-alone freezer is over 15 years old, it’s an energy hog, using up twice the amount of power than a new model. That’s power you’re paying for, but don’t have to. Energy Star offer rebates and tax incentives from time to time, so doing a little research on the make and model you’d like could turn into a real cost savings.

For larger projects, like replacing an old furnace or hot water tank, or swapping out the windows throughout your house, you’ll probably need to contact a professional. There are many innovative apps and networks to available to connect you to a skilled, reliable contractor.

Get the Whole Picture

Maybe one of the best ways to launch your own energy efficiency campaign is to conduct a whole house audit. From the graphic, it’s easy to see that whole house systems should be included in an audit – from doors and windows to insulation and heating ducts, and more. And sure, you can find a pro who will conduct an audit for you – you can even find apps that will help you get the whole picture of where your energy dollars are going, and how to prioritize the projects that will save you the most in utilities and efficiency. Take a look at the easy audit process, and will also connect you to professional contractors. The app will even alert you to tax and sales rebates to help you make a truly informed decision about appliances, materials and more.

Changing the way you power your home – only one home – makes a big difference. Imagine if an entire neighborhood or even an entire city decided to start with an energy audit. That would mean really big savings for loads of homeowners that could make a big impact on overall energy use now and for the future.

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